Because readers demanded it, TidalWave Comics is proud to announce the all-new 22-page comic book sequel to the best-selling “Female Force: Taylor Swift,” exploring her passion for giving back to a community that has given her so much. The book will be released on April 24th.

The all-new story, written by Michael Frizell with manga art by Lucy Fidelis, this 22-page comic book is readily available on multiple platforms, including Amazon. Fans can indulge in the softcover and hardcover versions, adorned with a cover crafted by the acclaimed Marvel Comics artist Pablo Martinena.

As an advocate for animal rights, a unique cover will be released, featuring Taylor Swift alongside her cats. This cover highlights her portrayal of a character she’s rumored to play in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Deadpool/Wolverine film.

“Taylor Swift: The Sequel is a fun book that focuses on some of the challenges she’s faced in the industry and how she’s turned them around through philanthropic efforts and tapping into her creativity. I love the kinetic artwork, and the cover is beautiful. I’m proud of this book, “said writer Michael Frizell.

After the success of Taylor Swift’s initial comic book biography, TidalWave unveils a new 22-page sequel spotlighting her philanthropic endeavors. Her story simply couldn’t be contained within a single issue. In celebrity philanthropy, few names shine as brightly as Taylor Swift’s. Beyond her chart-topping albums and record-breaking tours, Swift has carved a remarkable legacy through her benevolent acts, demonstrating a commitment to positively impacting the lives of her fans and contributing to various charitable causes. This comic biography explores Taylor Swift’s philanthropic endeavors, highlighting her remarkable generosity and personal connections with fans. The latest comic book, spanning 22 pages, adopts a manga-style approach courtesy of Lucy Fidelis, distinguishing it from its predecessor.

The book about Taylor Swift is the latest entry in the comic book biography series that focuses on female empowerment. “Female Force” has profiled other musicians Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, and Cher, political activists Gloria Steinem, and actress Betty White. There are over 200 issues in all.

A portion of the comic book sales will go to the Humane Society.

“I think comic books and graphic novels should be essential reading,” said publisher Darren G. Davis. “As a once reluctant reader, comic books drew me to books.”

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