New Comic Book and Imprint: Action Biters! on Kick Doors Studio, LLC !!!!

Kuumba Concepts, LLC was formed in 2005 by Christopher Carr and Orlando Taylor, to create new original stories for comics, film, video games, and TV (including animated series). The stories we plan to create for comics will partly come from the history and folklore of the peoples across the African Diaspora. In some cases, we are fusing them adeptly with modern themes and events. Our plan is to start by publishing our own properties and eventually become a place where new writers and artists feel good about housing their works under our banner.
The title of the comic book is Action Biters! … Pint-size heroes … full-size punch!!
They were created to protect the world from the forces of evil, but their head creator, Dr. Andrew Burnside, has his own agenda; to rule the world. However, this dream was thwarted by his former colleagues Dr. Myriam Garza and Lee Lattimore who took the children underground. Burnside and his treacherous Fear Faction will not stop until he recaptures the children. The Action Biters must put an end to their mad creator and rid the world of his kind of evil once and for all. The Action Biters! is an ongoing series with a demographic between the ages of ten and up. The story has a broad audience appeal and will be told in a five-issue arc. Action Biters! is perfect for those who enjoy the current wave of Cartoon Network series or action-based fare airing on Disney +.
We are looking for support from the community for our crowdfunding campaign that launched on July 31th, 2023. This book will cover very diverse socio-political issues in a manner that is easily digestible by all readers. Bradley Golden will serve as editor on this project.
We would like to add you to our email list going forward, so please respond and confirm it’s OK to add you. This way you will get updated information and news about the campaign and other things happening with the comic book imprint, Kick Doors Studio, and production company Kuumba Concepts, LLC (
Thank you for your time and future support!

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