New Chilean comic revives the youth of the 90s

Published by Acción Comics, “Cigarrettes from Eden” will be one of the novelties of the local comic scene at Comic Con Chile 2018.
Before the “millennial” generation, life was not easy for young people either. Without smartphones and with less global expectations, the challenge of growing up and becoming adults looked as complex as today, and being dissatisfied was an option that was limited only to the most rebellious. On that youth of the nineties, speaks the new comic pencilled by Sophie Artis, created by Gonzalo Oyanedel and published by the Chilean publishing house Acción Comics,
Set in the Santiago of Chile suburbs, Cigarrettes from Eden takes place in a summer that will be the last for a group of friends; Twenty-somethings in the process of choosing the direction their lives will take (assuming the obligations of the “adult world” or insisting on their personal vocations) after one of them has the option of doing his professional internship outside the capital, with the possibility of not coming back. The stories of the group – in the slice of life genre – revolve around situations, anecdotes and characters common to each neighborhood, in a rescue of urban folklore tinged with rock and counterculture. Every page depicts the long goodbye of these young people to the environment that hosted their best years and that now (by their own decision or taken by circumstances) they are leaving behind.

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