NEW Catty Pencil Sketch! & 2 Jim Balent Commissions Left!

Got Caught Dressing!
11×17″ tight pencil Catwoman drawing by Jim Balent on Bristol $525 (International shipping is +$25)
Just email if you are interested!

Got caught Dressing!

Don’t Miss your Chance to Own your Very Own Jim Balent Art!
An Original Black & White 11″x17″ pin up by Jim Balent of any single character from the Tarot Universe or a character from another Universe. Jim will contact you to agree on your illustration. And because it’s part of our Kickstarter, You will also receive the magnets, two 11″x17” Art prints, the Original Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose Playing/Divination Cards along with the expansion Oracle Deck and our Spell deck as well.

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Commission your Fav Character from Jim!

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