Comic books are famous for presenting larger-than-life stories featuring the exploits of super men and women in colorful adventures. Their stories capture our youthful fantasies and have translated into nostalgia-driven television and movie adventures that enable us to recall the simpler times of our youth. TidalWave Comics answers the question, “What if you could color your own comic books?”

Known for colorful storytelling and eye-popping art, TidalWave Comics is giving you the opportunity to color your favorite characters from their vast catalog. Featuring art by industry favorites Randy Green, Ken Lashley, Andy Park and more, these coloring books feature pin-ups and pages torn from TidalWave’s best titles.

Do you love fiction? Are you a fan of Vincent Price? Color the macabre art featured in Vincent Price Presents. Love superheroes? Atlas, 10th Muse: Volume 1 and 2, and The Mis-Adventures of Adam West are available! How about strong women? Look no farther than Victoria’s Secret Service, Legend of Isis, and Judo Girl. For lovers of classic science fiction, Logan’s Run features powerful art.

If you prefer drawn from real life characters, TidalWave offers Political Power: Democrats and Political Power: Republicans. These books will be available in the fall.  Featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and more! 

Printed on high-quality paper and featuring dynamic, colorful covers, TidalWave’s coloring books are perfect for collectors of pop art while appealing to enthusiasts. Relive your childhood, show off your eye for color, relive your childhood, or simply admire the art. The book are available now on Amazon.

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