LOS ANGELES – March 27, 2019 – N3TWORK, a leading mobile game company, has partnered with global content leaders Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) and Millennium Media to bring the iconic characters of Hellboy to the mobile fantasy puzzle RPG, Legendary: Game of Heroes.

As the debut licensed partnership in Legendary: Game of Heroes, the Hellboy integration ushers in a new era of live service in mobile games showcasing the franchise’s superheroic paranormal investigators and beasts throughout the strategic gameplay experience. Hellboy, Ben Daimio and Alice Monaghan, as well as villains Gruagach, The Blood Queen and an array of demonic creatures, will be immortalized through fully-animated original artwork which has set Legendary apart from the competition. Lionsgate will release the film Hellboy in theatres nationwide on April 12th.

“Hellboy is a legendary property with characters that perfectly lend themselves to Legendary: Game of Heroes,” said Daniel Engelhardt, SVP of Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games. “We’re excited for Hellboy fans and players of the game to see what we’ve cooked up with our partners at N3TWORK.”

Beginning April 9, Hellboy, his supernatural sidekicks and the army of hellish enemies will be featured in all aspects of Legendary: Game of Heroes alongside the theatrical release of Hellboy. In addition, Hellboy fans and players can jump into the action today to recruit Hellboy, himself, to their armies, and start earning valuable daily rewards that will help them combat the evil hordes when the event officially starts.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lionsgate and Millennium Media to bring the beloved Hellboy franchise to Legendary: Game of Heroes in a one-of-a-kind partnership for live events in mobile games that Legendary and Hellboy fans alike will love,” said Daniel Barnes, COO, N3TWORK. “The limited-time event will unleash Hellboy’s incredible cast of characters and creatures across all facets of our game, giving players even more ways to battle, collect and build up their armies.”

Legendary: Game of Heroes immerses players in the dark fantasy world of Korelis where they will collect and evolve an epic army of warriors and battle their way to the top of the leaderboards. The innovative gameplay combines unique match-3 battles with a deep guild based meta for an accessible yet enormously strategic social experience.

Legendary: Game of Heroes is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.

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