ART’S REVIERWS: Mystery Men: Jeff Deischer’s Sixth Book about the Argentverse

Jeff Deischer’s latest book, “Mystery Men” is a triptych of short interconnected stories describing the period of transition from the pulp hero world to the world of comic heroes.  Each story highlights the adventures of a new hero struggling to save the world as it evolves around them.  Through these three stories, there is a common thread and a few surprises along the way.  Enjoy the stories as the heroes Crimson Crusader, Karma, and Dr. Stellar pave the way to the new future of adventure.

Jeff captures the thrill of the pulps and the emerging excitement of the larger than life super heroes.  This is the sixth book of the Argentverse series which is an homage to the Silver Age of Comics which we al have known and loved.

This edition includes an Introduction by Pulp Legend Tom Johnson.


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