Mule Kick Tips and Tricks for Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Mule kick is a new perk added to the Cold War Zombies. This perk allows players to carry an extra weapon, in addition to the two weapons initially allowed in the game. Also, you need to know several other things about this perk to use it efficiently.

So, follow the tips and tricks in this article to exploit this perk to its limits. To further boost your Cold war zombie game, visit Aimclub for the best hacks and cheats. But before then, let’s see what mule kick is all about.

Mule kick tips and tricks for Cold War Zombies

What you need to know about Mull kick

In previous cold war zombie games, you could carry only two weapons. However, adding the Mull kick perk now allows players to carry an additional weapon, making it a total of three weapons. 

After sipping the Mule Kick, which comes in a can, players can use the swap weapon button to switch between any of the three weapons in their possession. If you’re using a keyboard, you can access any three weapons using separate keybinds. However, note that you lose the extra weapon when you lose the perk.

Moreover, you can improve the benefits of this perk when you get an upgrade. There are five upgrade tiers for the perk, with increasing privileges. So, while you are still using Mull kick’s base version, make sure that you only keep weapons you can afford to lose in the extra. 

You can get this perk around the Ghost station or in the Wunderfizz machine in the department store. Both locations are found in Mauer Der Toten Map.

Let’s consider upgrade tiers of Mull Kick and their corresponding benefits, which you can access using Aetherium Crystals.

  • Tier 1: This is the lowest tier and only allows you to access the third weapon
  • Tier 2: This is the next upgrade that allows players to refill their ammo from kills
  • Tier 3: Players are automatically equipped with a fully loaded gun, refilled from stowed weapons stock.
  • Tier 4: Tier 4 gives you a 25% chance to keep pieces of equipment that are non-retrievable.
  • Tier 5: This fifth upgrade allows you to retrieve your third gun once you make a new purchase of the Mull kick perk.

Mull Kick tips and tricks

  • Make sure that your weapons are versatile

After drinking sipping the Mull kick, you still have your two weapons; it’s your place to make a third weapon choice. Your collection of weapons needs to contain weapons that can serve in any combat situation. For example, if you have an assault rifle and an SMG, you should go for a sniper rifle. An equally good alternative is a shotgun, suitable for crowd control.

  • Your weapons should be in line with the objective at hand.

Black ops cold war zombies task players with completing certain quests or objectives. Note that different quests and objectives require different kinds of weapons. Outbreak, for example, will require that you blast an Aethereal Orb open. A shotgun best serves this purpose. On the other hand, sniper rifles are your best pick for making long-range shots at small targets.

  • Use Mull Kick in your solo games.

In solo games, it’s just you against a swarming horde of the undead. In this scenario, having a mull kick becomes just the wisest thing to do. It allows you to cover certain combat situations more effectively with your carefully selected weapons. You can also add a wonder weapon to your arsenal to make you a terror even to the undead.

  • Activate elemental fusion abilities

The undead has several elemental weaknesses that could be exploited. Having an extra weapon in your arsenal gives you additional elemental damage. Distribute these three elemental damages carefully across your different weapons.


Playing against a horde of zombies can be a daunting task. To further worsen the situation, you can only use two weapons with limited applications. Luckily, Mull kick comes into the scene with just the right abilities and privileges. However, using the perk at its base tier has limitations that can be so frustrating when you lose the perk. So, upgrade the perk as soon as possible to enjoy maximum benefits.

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