MR. BEAVER VOLUME 1 (Digital-First)
Writer:  Pablo Verdugo Muñoz

Artist Name(s): Pablo Verdugo Muñoz (Pencils and Inks), Jose Expósito (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Pablo Verdugo Muñoz

The world’s most powerful crime organization – “The Twelve” – managed to evade justice for far too long and in desperation, the police reach out to the one individual who just might be able to turn things around. Enter special agent Mr. Beaver, returning to his hometown fresh from the Alpha Academy and itching to take down the dark underbelly… after taking care of his own rumbling belly, of course. In his confrontation with an old acquaintance, Richard, and his henchmen from “The Twelve”, a mysterious power known as ‘Theos Lampsi’, or ‘God’s Shining’, will come to light, requiring Mr. Beaver to dig deep in order to overcome his adversaries.

128 pgs./ T+ / FC                   $5.99 (Digital-First)

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