Movie Review: It Lives Inside

Gardener (Rhett Terrell), moves to a new home with his family. While moving, they find a box in the attic and inside that box is an ancient book. Further examination of said book reveals very little but releases a “smoke” that is breathed in by Terrell.

He is then cursed with the worst luck, like being in the rest of this movie. It’s obviously a low budget movie and I’m okay with that but the acting is so, so, bad. Highlights include the worst fake broken leg in the history of film. The record for most mouse traps set on film. The award-winning acting portrayed by his next-door neighbor… Wow!

The evil in this movie is under explained. The acting is atrocious. The cinematography is awful. Yet somehow, the ending is good. I have no idea how that happened. If I had to watch it again, I’d pass, but I’m glad I watched it.



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