Mountain Man by Keith C. Blackmore

The Zombie Apocalypse Reinvented!


I’m an avid horror reader and, like you, are sick of the same old tropes. I’m not saying that authors aren’t innovative with their stories, but let’s be real, how many times have you finished a book and said, “Shit… I’m pretty sure I’ve read this before.” Well, relief is finally here. Put away your Shawn of the Dead DVD and get ready for the zombie story, reinvented. It happened like this—

One Saturday afternoon (it could have been a Tuesday), I was listening to the audiobook of The Martian, by Andy Weir. Great book. Better narrator! Every so often you come across the perfect narrator. The voice of an angel. One that makes your panties drop. Well, that is the exact definition of R.C. Bray. Seriously. Just soaked!

I wanted more of his golden voice. I needed more. I explored his other titles that he narrated and… There. It. Was. The Hospital: The First Mountain Man Story by Keith C. Blackmore. Now, I’m usually apprehensive about trying a new author but with it being a short story coupled with that voice, what could possibly go wrong? In short, not a damn thing! Especially with a hospital ward full of—evil.

This is where I first met Gus Berry, who I can only describe as an everyman. Gus isn’t anything special. He doesn’t possess magic powers. He’s not rich; no Batman or Tony Stark here. He is, essentially, you. Couple the regular guy mentality with the zombie apocalypse and a pinch of Nova Scotia and there you have it, The Mountain Man Series. Kinda wild ‘eh?

Two years after the zombie apocalypse you join up with Gus, a Captain Morgan drinking, ball scratching (He scratches his balls a lot. He might need a doctor.), cuss dispensing, ex-painter just trying to survive in the mountains just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He managed to find a house with solar power and spends his evenings watching movies and hanging with a friend, The Captain.

He isn’t lax in his day to day life but he’s “comfortable.” Aside from his supply runs into the big city, his life if mundane. Until other survivors happen upon his home and bring something with them. Something that changes Gus forever.

It’s refreshing to see a zombie book that focuses on an everyday guy. Not since Johnathan Maberry and the Rot and Ruin Series, has a zombie story been so fresh. Keith C. Blackmore has reinvented the wheel and it’s better than you thought a wheel could ever be!

I’m totally in love with the world, the characters, and the storytelling. Want more info? You can find it at:

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