Most Expensive Gardens from Around the World

As fall comes to an end, we then get excited to feel the magic of winter and enjoy the cheerful holidays that it brings.

The amusements will be aplenty but before we know it, the holidays are over and there isn’t much to look forward to anymore.

As the magic of winter wears out, we will soon feel the exhaustion of having to endure the perpetual darkness.

Soon, we will long for the warmth of the sunlight and dream of spring.

Fortunately, springtime is on its way and we can then bask under the warmth of the sun and smell the fragrance of the flowers that will soon blossom to add beauty to the earth.

Thinking about the beautiful gardens that we can visit can easily lighten our mood in this cold winter, NowLoan have put together this list of luxury gardens.

So, while waiting for springtime, let’s take a look and be delighted at these three (3) most expensive gardens from around the world.


Most Expensive Gardens from Around the World


Ace of Diamonds Garden in the United Kingdom

Ace of Diamonds Garden in the United Kingdom is the world’s most expensive garden that is valued at a whopping £20 million which is equivalent to over US$ 26 million.

It is designed by famous landscape gardener David Domoney and it features a wide range of precious gems, crystals, and diamonds.

With its expensive diamonds on display, it is the only garden in the world that comes with the tightest security.

As you walk through the garden to see some rare plants, you will also marvel at the largest diamond on display as well as the smaller ones placed inside the glass bell jars that are positioned on top of a few pedestals.

There are a lot of gems scattered everywhere and some are hidden among the bushes. No wonder, dozens of security guards are employed to watch over the place 24/7 to ensure that no diamonds will be missing.

Unfortunately, these rare plants as well as the diamonds are for your eyes only. So, if you’re fond of flowers as well as gems, then the Ace of Diamonds Garden is the place to be.

This garden offers the most unique garden view that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands

Also known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof Gardens is one of the largest in the world and is valued at US$ 21 million.

Every year, around 7 million Tulip bulbs are planted in the garden and with its excellent quality, each stem can cost around US$3 or around US$20 per dozen.

As springtime arrives, these 7 million tulip bulbs will also bloom in colors around the garden’s pathways and ponds.

If you’re lucky to be able to visit Keukenhof in springtime, make it a point to have your photo taken among the 7 million Tulips.

The color of these vibrant flowers will make an amazing photograph that deserves a place on your wall.

Aside from Tulips, the garden as well as its four pavilions also showcase a magnificent display of hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies, and many other flowers. It is truly an enchanting place of colors and fragrances every spring.

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens in England

Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens may only rank at number 3 in the world’s most expensive gardens in the world but it offers an amazing experience to its visitors with the wide variety of flora and fauna in its 92-hectare land.

It is valued at £5 million which is equivalent to over US$6 million and it lies in one of the most ancient forests in South England.

If you’ve seen the 1947 movie Black Narcissus, then you have definitely seen Leonardslee because some of the scenes in the film were shot in this amazing location.

The history of Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens started in 1889 when Sir Edmund Loder, a Victorian plant collector, developed the land and planted a variety of Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and other exotic plants.

Today, visitors can marvel at these beautiful flower species along with camellias, magnolias, and bluebells that are now added to the collection.

One of the most spectacular inhabitants in the garden are the 40 dwarf kangaroos and the waterfall inside the huge property is a sight to behold.

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