Monsters and Midways #1

Second Sight Publishing, one of America’s only black owned comic book publishers, strives for excellence in all of its endeavors. That said, mistakes happen in a small business and SSP is not immune to the mistake bug from time to time. The important thing we feel at SECOND SIGHT is to own our mistakes and have complete transparency with you, the retailers and life blood of the industry we all dearly love. In the December edition of Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly catalog, PREVIEWS, Second Sight accidentally included a solicitation for MONSTERS & MIDWAYS #1. There were two covers in the solicitation: One by series co-creator and artist Jeremy Megert and one by industry legend, Ben Templesmith.


We weren’t supposed to solicit that series quite yet. We had planned to wait until February to unleash the art of Jeremy Megert, who we think is going to light this industry on fire with his first published series. We didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag that one of the wittiest comic book creators and writers we’ve ever discovered, Nick Goodwin… is about to wow the comic book readers in our industry. And we certainly didn’t want to let it on that we’re the company that brought Chuck Satterlee (KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND, OF BITTER SOULS, THIRTEEN STEPS) back to comics with his first series in a decade! And did we mention Templemsith?

So, we done screwed up. We’re sorry.

The Monsters & Midways crew is hard at work and way past the first issue, but we had a plan to release from April to September and we’re sticking to it. Our apologies for the slight confusion and look for Monsters & Midways #1, from one of the most exciting comic book publishers in the country… in February.

But just in case you missed the accidental solicitation, here it is again… A down on his luck heavy metal guitarist hasn’t gotten very far with his songs about elves and wizards and dark magic. Let’s see how he does with the real thing. Dave, a heavy metal guitarist, finds he is actually a latent barbarian in issue one. His partner, a wizard with less than charming people skills, explains the fate of the world is up to them. Welcome to magic, Dave! Set in 1976 Chicago, Monsters & Midways is a fun take on swords and sorcery with innovative concepts mixing magic, nuclear energy, heavy metal and elves.

We hope you’ll give Monsters & Midways #1 a try in the February previews!

Did we mention Templemsith?

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