Cynthia von Buhler’s latest graphic novel is woven around little-known historical facts such as Nazi interest in Nikola Tesla’s death ray, Josephine Baker’s spy activity during WWII, and Donald Trump’s uncle’s involvement following Tesla’s mysterious death.

OCT 5, 2021 – Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime are thrilled to announce the return of the critically acclaimed Minky Woodcock hardboiled detective series in a brand-new graphic novel arriving in stores on November 9, 2021. Written and illustrated by award-winning artist, author, director, and playwright Cynthia von Buhler, Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla also features stunning cover art by the legendary Robert McGinnis, poster artist for classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the original James Bond movies.

Minky’s new adventure is set during World War II, nearly two decades after the events of the first volume (Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini) and pits the talented female detective against another sinister and twisted conspiracy when she gets involved with world-renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, Nazi agents, and the race to command the world’s first weapon of mass destruction. Based on extensive historical research by von Buhler, the story teams the fictional Minky Woodcock with real-world figures such as the ground-breaking performer Josephine Baker, who secretly spied for the French during the war; Nazi agent Otto Skorzency; multiple generations of the J.P. Morgan family, driven by greed to stifle Tesla’s inventions; and Dr. John Trump, Donald Trump’s scientist uncle, who was recruited by the FBI to investigate Tesla’s design for a death ray.

Von Buhler’s past projects include collaborations with Steven Spielberg, Clive Barker, and Neil Gaiman, who said he was “seduced by Cynthia von Buhler’s artwork. She is a wonder.” Geeks Worldwide described the first Minky Woodcock volume as “Stunning…10 out of 10,” while NB Magazine called it “bold and extravagant…weaves fantasy into fact to dazzling effect.”

Cynthia von Buhler is not only the creative talent behind Minky Woodcock, but also an internationally celebrated artist and the visionary creator of Titan’s bestselling graphic novel The Illuminati Ball and the immersive NYC theatrical experience of the same name. Her work has featured in outlets including the New York Times, Broadway World, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Describing Minky’s new adventure, von Buhler said, “As with the Houdini episode, all the anecdotes related to Tesla’s life in my book are based on fact. I really love finding bizarre, unbelievable facts and weaving them into my stories.”

Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla will be available from comic shops, bookstores and digital platforms on November 9, 2021, and is available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet (UK & Europe) and Amazon (US). The official Minky Woodcock website is MinkyWoodcock.com.

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