Milestone 25th Issue of Rob Hanes Adventures to Debut at San Diego Comic-Con

WCG Comics will be at Booth K1 in the Small Press Area

Artist-writer Randy Reynaldo returns to the San Diego Comic-Con with the milestone 25th issue of his long-running globetrotting soldier of fortune series, Rob Hanes Adventures. Reynaldo will be at the show with this latest issue at Booth K-1 in the Small Press Area. Comic-Con is scheduled July 25–28, 2024.

“San Diego Comic-Con has always been a great show for me and very supportive—I consider it my ‘home base,’ where I traditionally debut my newest issues,” said Reynaldo. “It’s been an incredible journey and I’m so grateful to have reached 25 issues! I always have a great mixture of longtime fans picking up the new issue and saying hi, and making new fans for the series.”

Reynaldo has been a regular exhibitor at Comic-Con since the debut of the Small Press Area in 1993. In 2018, he was a Featured Guest at the show and was recognized for his work with an Inkpot Award for Achievements in Comic Art.

For this special issue, Reynaldo has pulled out all the stops to produce a memorable story that nods to the series’ roots as a modern-day continuation of the classic soldier-of-fortune syndicated comic strips of the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.

Entitled, “Old Adventurers Never Die…,” globetrotting private eye Rob Hanes goes back in time to pre-World War II China and teams up with several characters from the era that fans familiar with those legacy strips may recognize. And even if they don’t, readers will still enjoy a rip-roaring adventure along the lines of Indiana Jones and other adventurers from the period.

In addition, in keeping with its newspaper comics page theme, each page is designed as a self-contained Sunday newspaper page with the series logo in the first panel. And like all stories in Rob Hanes Adventures, the story is complete and self-contained.

Rob Hanes Adventures is a fast-paced action-adventure series about a private eye, troubleshooter and spy-for-hire from Justice International who travels the world on assignment, facing danger, intrigue and romance at every turn. Inspired by the great soldier-of-fortune comic strips of the 1930s and ‘40s, but set in the modern-day, the series has crossed into other genres, including drawing room murder mysteries, war, sports, and romance. Every story is self-contained, so readers can jump in with any issue.

Reynaldo will have all back issues and trade paperback compilations available at his table, as well as complimentary promotional giveaways like pin buttons, flyers and bookmarks.

For more information and to order, visit the WCG Comics website at Reynaldo will also be posting on social media live throughout the show, on Twitter (@randywcgcomics), Instagram (@randywcg) and Facebook (

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BELOW: A faux vintage magazine cover that appears in the issue.

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