Mike Allred’s Madmaniverse Mod Metal Lunchbox & Digest

The Madmaniverse Mod Metal lunchbox brings the adventures of Frank Einstein and pals to your lunch break! Pack sandwiches, junkfood, health food, crimefighting supplies, yoyos, comic books–anything you want in this NEW Madman metal lunchbox–the first in twenty years!

DIG the new art by Mike and Laura Allred!!!

It’s not metal, but MOD METAL!!! The first time I spoke with Mike Allred about his comic books Madman and Red Rocket 7 (back in 1997), he dropped the term Mod Metal to describe his band The Gear’s music. Well, we’re bringing the ginchy term back in this old school metal lunchbox that looks like it was gotten from your childhood!

You get new art by Mike Allred and colored by Laura Allred, detailing a greatest hits of moments in the Madmaniverse books: Madman, The Atomics, Red Rocket 7, and X-Ray Robot! The only thing it’s missing is a Thermos–and you!

And to keep you from being bored outta your skull at lunchtime (and help us meet our goal), there’s also the Madman Lunchtime “Digest,” a 64-page COLOR digest of some select Madman adventures from his stellar run. It also comes with an limited alternate cover by Dan Parent (Die, Kitty Die! and Archie Comics). If you’re a real die-hard Dan fan like we are, one of you can pledge to own THE ORIGINAL by his own hand.

For those of you who REALLY love to read while gnoshing on food, I’m collecting the first four Madmania booklets into the 100+ page MEGA MADMANIA, which also features my first Allred interview from 1997, where we discuss Madman and Red Rocket 7! This is available as an add-on and ships separately and sooner than the lunchbox!

Personally, this lunchbox is a HUGE deal to me: I’ve been making a ton of Madman swag for the past six years, and I’m now venturing into bigger and more ambitious things, first with the Oddity Odyssey action figure, and now with this.  Most of my motivation behind it is blamed on my son, Grayson; this Lil’ Madman does actually want his own new Madman lunchbox. When this is funded and produced by the end of the year, he’ll be the coolest kid in his Kindergarten class.

For just $25 you can back the lunchbox itself, but why stop there? 

No worries if you’ve gotten behind on all the Madmaniverse swag we’ve made: only TWO mega levels of fun are available, giving you a chance for the out of print Madman 25! and Comin’ Atcha 3D trading cards, as well as the custom glider with stickers and TEN Madmaniverse Action Yoyos from past campaigns. I dug down into my personal vault to get these last two levels together–so snag ’em while you can.

Let’s team up and make this happen!


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