Michael Frizell Talks about STORMY DANIELS: SPACE FORCE

When word came out that there was going to be a Stormy Daniels: Space Force comic and cartoon, I had to talk with Michael Frizell about the project, it sounded like a lot of fun.

First Comics News: Stormy Daniels: Space Force just congers up a lot of Trump one-liners. Is this a bunch of jabs at the President or will Democrats and Republicans both like this comic?

Michael Frizell: Both sides of the political aisle have a sense of humor, right? It would get boring fast if this were a roast of President Trump on every page in every issue.

While parody is defined as, “an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect,” satire’s definition is, “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” My goal as a writer of “Stormy Daniels: Space Force,” is a combination of both.

The delicious flaws inherent in the human-animal are the beating heart of good parody and satire.

To make parody and satire work, the human condition, and its frailties and failings, is amplified. The utopian society is exaggerated, pushed and stretched by earnest, well-meaning characters until we see the cracks in it. Parody lovingly pokes and prods the source material while holding it in the highest regard.

1st: What is the United Republic of Earth?

Michael: Imagine Space Force hundreds of years in the future. Throw in a healthy dose of Star Trek, some Barbarella, and make it rated PG-13, and you’ll see where we’re going with this.

Space Force is an intergalactic militarized law enforcement organization from the planet Earth. They act as security guards in space. Like any great capitalist enterprise, they are also for hire.

Their mission is to go boldly where no woman has gone before… Deep Space.

The United Republic of Earth is led by OrDon. Looking much like the Wizard of Oz, OrDon is kept alive in an energy tube at United Republic Command on Earth. He recruits and tries to guide the captains of Space Force without vetting them because, “That takes too much time.”

Some of the captains are just drones while others believe in the cause – whatever that maybe today as the cause is subject to OrDon’s whim and short attention span. He has a huge ego and is a complete moron, and half the missions make no sense and only seem to benefit OrDon himself in the end.

1st: Does America run the Earth’s republic?

Michael: We haven’t revealed that… yet. I think you could reasonably extrapolate that the USA has taken point in space exploration.

1st: Who is OrDon?

Michael: Donald Trump, now president for life. It seems that he’s found a way to live well beyond a normal human’s lifespan. Stormy and several other guest stars have found a way, too. We’ll talk about that in future issues.

1st: Is he orange?

Michael: His digital projection certainly is. We haven’t revealed how he appears in person… yet.

1st: In this story who is Captain Stormy Daniels?

Michael: She’s the sometimes ally and sometimes renegade affiliated with the Space Force. Space Force is a loose configuration of captains for hire and military commanders. For Stormy, it’s about profit – at first. OrDon doesn’t like her, but she’s effective at getting the job done, even if her methods are not embraced by the military side of the Space Force. She’s willful, sexy, playful, and not shy to roll up her sleeves and fight for what she believes is right, even if it puts her at odds with the galaxy’s ruling class.

1st: What is the Helix?

Michael: Stormy’s starship. Think of it as the Starship Enterprise if it was for-hire. It has seen its share of battle. It doubles as a home for her crew and a place to get away from the troubles plaguing the galaxy.

1st: Who are her crew members?

Michael: Captain Stormy Daniels and DAS – Captain Daniels is the protagonist of the series. She was a smuggler who was recruited for her unique abilities and quickly rose to the rank of captain. She and her co-pilot, DAS, came to believe in the cause of galactic freedom and joined Space Force.

Cam-23816 and Mikki – Droids that serve as everything from mechanics to translators to navigators to comic relief.

Munch – a cute, genetic experiment that has escaped from an alien planet… somewhere. We don’t know much about him, only that he tends to be a little crazy and is devoted to Captain Daniels. There’s something a little feral about him, too.

We’ll introduce more in future story arcs.

1st: Are there any humans on her crew?

Michael: We haven’t revealed that… yet. I imagine you’ll see some in future story arcs.

1st: You have robots, androids, apes, and aliens on the crew. Is this representative of the inhabitants of the United Republic of Earth?

Michael: Yes. The URE has annexed several worlds in the name of commerce. Robots help with navigation, while androids are great in combat.

1st: Stormy Daniels is the title character and she said “I have joined forces with to create this comic and TidalWave has been so generous with allowing my input”. What role does Stormy have in the storytelling process?

Michael: Stormy gets final approval on everything. She’s a great collaborator.

1st: What is the plot of the first issue?

Michael: The Helix is ordered to rescue the egotistical General Brock and the beautiful Captain Grant from the clutches of the maniacal Red Queen. The queen is holding a scientist responsible for the creation of a devastating weapon capable of destroying the Earth. Only Captain Stormy Daniels, her second-in-command, Dax, her droids, and the mysterious alien, Munch, can save the Earth!

1st: Is this a one-shot, mini-series, or an on-going series?

Michael: An ongoing series – we hope! At least, that’s what we’re planning. Let’s see how the first story arc goes.

1st: How does the comic fit in with the animated series?

Michael: It lovingly informs the animated series, but each should stand alone, too.

1st: For anyone on the fence about this project, what makes Stormy Daniels: Space Force so cool that no true comic fan should miss it?

Michael: This comic is fun. We’re going old-school here. The illustrations are in an animated, good girl art style. The dialogue is quippy, and the plot is fast-paced. We’re writing the kind of comic we want to read while playing with political and social themes that will give the book an edge. If you want to see a group of creators having a great time, read this comic!

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