Michael Adam Lengyel Releases His Newest Hit Graphic Novel for Kids

The Power of Forgiveness – What happens to the world when you don’t want to help? Where judging others is natural, and forgiveness is impossible to do. Read online The Mannamong series about a girl’s recovery from injustice.


SARASOTA, Fla., July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — It’s a timeless story centering on a little girl dealing with complicated feelings of betrayal and searching for the right answers to save herself and those who’ve wronged her. Learning how to cope with injustice, confusion, and hope are the emotions conveyed in Michael Adam Lengyel’s ongoing comic series.

Author and Illustrator, Michael Adam Lengyel says, “I wanted to create a world where kids immerse in the characters, story, and world-building. While learning life lessons that can transform their lives.”

Michael Adam Lengyel
Michael Adam Lengyel
Michael Adam Lengyel
Michael Adam Lengyel

Lengyel, who is available for local interviews, said, “With the growing popularity of comics and graphic novels for children, they’re becoming a significant influence on their imaginative minds, as the art takes them to new worlds expressing the subtleties of human nature.”

The series began when Mother Nature created the perfect world. But humanity grew greedy, resulting in endless violent conflict. Legends say Mother Nature created spirits called Mannamong to guide and protect humanity, to counter that.

This tale was young Kali Teal’s favorite bedtime story. But when an unexplainable illness strikes her, she discovers the Mannamong are real through a dream—revealing that one Mannamong cures her by extracting a rogue Mannamong responsible for the cause — contradicting her belief in the Mannamong’s goodness.

Being the only human who can see them, Kali feels lost, confused, and unheard when the rogue returns to use her as a hostage as he hides from his pursuers.

To understand the full truth of the Mannamong, Kali must learn to forgive the one who has wronged her to unravel the mysteries behind them. Or else her begrudging spirit will drown her with her unfriendly captor, for she must learn to stop hating and be slow to anger to see the bigger picture.

Kali also discovers the Mannamong have devolved into a misguided order and has forsaken man. Perhaps her willingness to reach out is the key to solving everything.

The Mannamong is a free member-only webcomic with the first five chapters printed in its first volume. The series is targeted to readers eight years and up.

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