Mercy Sparx Spin-Off Club Nephilim to Launch in 2024

Shand, Blaylock Pen Series About Illuminati Black Market/Brothel Where Elites and Demons Compete for Power, Run by a Disgraced Angel

CHICAGO, IL – Following news of the return of Mercy Sparx with the one-shot No More Angels Left to Fall due this Winter, the famous devil girl’s universe expands in 2024 in a new miniseries centered around Club Nephilim, a supernatural black market where entities from the underworld can offer artifacts and services to the most powerful members of human society, and where angels who’ve fallen on hard times, looking to stay off of Heaven’s radar may find themselves.

The series stars the rogue angel Ladara, once a prisoner of the club’s founders, Lilu and Lilin, who seizes control of the organization following the events of Mercy Sparx #14. While Mercy Sparx creator Josh Blaylock will co-plot, rising star writer Pat Shand (Destiny NY, Van Helsing, Space Between Ent) will script, with artist tba.

Club Nephilim was introduced in 2013 in Mercy Sparx Ongoing Series #4, (Omnibus vol. 1) wherein Mercy Sparx herself was held prisoner within the facility, gaining entrance through a series of Earth-based doorways (including several major bank branches and the headquarter of Mansonto Chemicals). Drawn by Matt Merhoff with colorists Greg & Fake. In a botched attempt to rescue Ladara on orders from Heaven, Mercy finds the angel to have taken on a case of Stockholm syndrome, now loyal to her own captors, and addicted to the synthetic halo energy “Lord’s Light”.

The series sees supporting character Ladara as in a new lead anti-hero, as well as the return of sexual demons of Chiloé and African folklore, El Trauco and the Popobawa, respectively, mobster cherubs, the origins of Lilin and Lilu finally revealed, and other fan favorites from Blaylock’s Mercy Sparx universe.

“Over the years, there have been so many interesting characters appear in Mercy’s world that I simply haven’t had time to expand upon,” said Blaylock, “but, being the obsessive world-builder that I am, I rarely introduce characters without an entire background story thought out, and I can’t wait to turn the reigns over to Pat Shand to expand upon the denizens of Nephilim.”

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