Mercy Sparx: No More Angels Left to Fall – She’s back and coming to a comic shop near you in November!

Head to your local comic shop this coming month to preorder the latest Mercy Sparx One-Shot

Preorders forMercy Sparx: No More Angels Left to Fall are now open! The upcoming installment of the series is set to release on November 8th and is drawn and written by the Mercy-maker himself, Josh Blaylock. The one-shot will be available with 4 different covers through Diamond. Cover artists include: Josh Blaylock, Von Randal (Spawn), Ashley WItter (Doctor AphraSquarriors), and Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash)

No one has seen Mercy Sparx in FIVE YEARS, not even her closest friend and ally, Hank. In the act of saving Heaven and Earth, she inadvertently put herself out of a job. The power structure between the divine realms was completely restructured, and with that the need to hunt rogue angels was eliminated. Now, however, it appears that Heaven has a mission for her once again. In stores 11/8/2023.


Cover A by Josh Blaylock (SEP231612)


Cover B by Von Randal (SEP231613)


Cover C by Ashley Witter (SEP231614)


Cover D by Tim Seeley (SEP231615)

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