Meet Karma – A Sensual New Erotic Graphic Novel Ready & Willing on Kickstarter Now!

January 4, Mt. Laurel, NJ: A breathtaking graphic novel tale of erotic adventure launches today on Kickstarter, as Dynamite and writer Dan Wickline entice readers to fall in love with Karma, with beautiful covers by superstars Stjepan Šejić and Mirka Andolfo.

Love and lust as well as loyalty and deception are explored in this brand new 120 plus page original graphic novel. Writer Dan Wickline (Grimm Fairy Tales, The Freeze) pulls inspiration from his own experiences as a professional photographer for this provocative drama. He’s joined by the lovely lines of artist Carlos Reno, colors by IHQ Studios, and letterer Carlos M. Mangual.

Alex is a prodigy professional photographer, specializing in product photography for advertising. His childhood as a nerd growing up on comics and posing his favorite action figures set him on the path to his job. Today he’s a blond Adonis who enjoys hanging with his friend Eddie and a good football game.

Karma is a brunette bombshell model on the verge of stardom. She has a rough background and years in the cut-throat modelling business. Her manager Zack can come off controlling at times, but he means well, right?

When Alex is called to sub in for a friend on a shoot, Karma literally falls into his arms – sweeping the two into a complicated, evolving professional relationship and a fiery hot romance. Karma is known for her relatively tame fashion and swimsuit work, but with the help of Alex, wants to get into more artsy and risqué territory. Even including the intricate Japanese bondage style of shibari. The two experience the ups and downs, ins and outs of any sparks-filled romance, but with the added complexity of open relationships, swinger orgies, professional backstabbing, and cuddling watching The Princess Bride.

“I have written everything from superheroes, to horror, and all points in between, but when I was asked if I had an idea for an erotic, romantic story, I knew that I was going to need to pull from a much more personal place,” said writer Dan Wickline. “Karma is a love letter to some of the amazing women I’ve been blessed to know, and I am excited to share this world with the readers, to tell a story from the heart.”

Karma follows in the footsteps of hit erotic graphic novels such as Sunstone, Swing, and an extensive legacy by way of Wally Wood, Frank Thorne, Eros Comix, and more. Fans of Dynamite’s Bettie Page comics, and of course the legend’s real life racy modelling and photography, will enjoy this similar tale.

The paperback romance is available with four covers to choose from. Erotic comics legend Stjepan Šejić is known for his boundary-breaking LGBTQ, BDSM saga of Sunstone, as well as acclaimed runs on Witchblade and Aquaman. He’s joined by superstar Mirka Andolfo, whose own flirty and not quite safe for work titles of Unnatural, Sweet Paprika, and more have garnered a legion of fans. Michael DiPascale’s cover is also available as a more limited topless nude edition.

All four pieces are also available as a set of logo-free 11 x 17 inches lithograph prints. Patrons can also get copies of the book signed by Wickline. A pledge level is also included for retailers wishing to stock the book for their customers.

Readers can reserve their copies of the book here now!



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