Mathew Groom talks about INFERNO GIRL RED

Mat Groom is a writer from Sydney, Australia. He’s the co-creator and writer of SELF/MADE from Image Comics, is a co-writer on the ULTRAMAN series for Marvel Comics, and written for DC Comics projects including the CRIMES OF PASSION anthology and the TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE series. His latest comics INFERNO GIRL RED is live on Kickstarter now. Mat stopped by First Comics News to let our readers know all about Inferno Girl Red.

First Comics News: Who is Cássia Costa?

Mathew Groom: Cássia is a teenage girl who has moved around a lot, traveling from city-to-city as her mom searched for work and they struggled to get by. They’re in this position because of something unjust that happened to Cássia mom… and that experience has made Cássia a super rational, pragmatic person, a bit of a skeptic, despite being quite talented and kind.

But when Cássia comes to Apex City, and is forced to defend it using a magical dragon gauntlet that’s powered by belief, it creates a tension between what she understands about the world, and what she needs to do—setting the stage for an epic graphic novel story that blends superhero action, tokusatsu approaches and high school drama to tell a story about hope in the face of darkness, and action in the face of apathy!

1st: What is Apex City like?

Mathew: It’s almost like a utopia—it’s a place that runs entirely on renewable energy, the streets are designed for pedestrians more than cars, gardens are integrated into all of the buildings…

It’s not perfect, but it’s an example of what humanity can achieve when we’re at our best. Which is what makes it a target…

1st: How did the cult gain control of Apex City?

Mathew: Oh, that’d be too much of a spoiler, sorry!

1st: What type of Demons does Cássia face?

Mathew: I don’t want to reveal too much about them, but I can say that they’re drawn to our darkest impulses and can use them to warp us into something dangerous…

1st: What is a Dragon Bracelet?

Mathew: It allows Cássia to transform into Inferno Girl Red. How? Where does it come from? Where has it been? That’s for Cássia to find out…

1st: How does get a Cássia Bracelet?

Mathew: It flies through the window of the school library when she’s there studying late one night. And that’s not even the most dramatic thing that happens to Cássia on that night…

1st: How does Cássia’s lack of faith affect her powers?

Mathew: It limits her from accessing the bracelet’s full capabilities and potential.

1st: What is going on with Cássia’s Mother?

Mathew: Cássia’s mother, Ana, knows more about what’s going on in Apex City than almost anyone… and all because of what happened many years ago, a series of events that almost destroyed her life.

1st: Who is Doctor Janine Caro?

Mathew: Doctor Caro is an inventor, business owner, and the person in charge of Cássia’s new school. She’s extremely intelligent, but suspiciously reclusive…

1st: Why is Cássia’s Mother ok with her going to boarding school?

Mathew: Ana has struggled for all of Cássia’s life to provide her with an education and experience that matches Cássia’s intelligence and abilities. But this new school in Apex is very prestigious and sort after… so she knows it’s an amazing opportunity for Cássia.

1st: Cássia becomes Inferno Girl Red, are there other colors, like the Power Rangers?

Mathew: I suppose there might be a reason why she’s not just called ‘Inferno Girl’…

1st: What is the connection between Radiant Black and Inferno Girl Red?

Mathew: Well, they’re both creator-owned, tokusatsu-inspired superheroes… and they’re written by Kyle and myself respectively, two people who really enjoy working together… and one of the rewards for the campaign is a print that features Radiant Black and Inferno Girl Red together… hmm, you’re right, there does seem to be something going on here…

1st: What rewards do you have planned?

Mathew: The main thing we’re offering is a deluxe hardcover of the book, with a cover that will only be available as part of this campaign, as well as exclusive concept art.

Mathew: Other reward tiers feature high quality art prints of the INFERNO GIRL RED world, by amazing artists like Nicola Scott, Darko Lafuente, Eleonora Carlini, Doaly (and many more!); an opportunity to cameo in the book; and an opportunity to own the original art of Nicola Scott’s print!

1st: What is the minimum price for a digital copy?

Mathew: $10.

1st: What is the minimum price for a print copy?

Mathew: $40.

1st: Why is Inferno Girl Red so cool, no true comic fan can miss it?

Mathew: It’s 100 pages of gorgeous, high-energy art, a thrilling story with tantalizing mysteries and characters you’ll love, and a style, unlike anything you’ve seen before!


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