PORTLAND, Ore. 08/01/2022 — Join the Massive-verse team for a comic book event like no other! On Thursday, August 4 at 7 PM at the Embers Tap House in Lockport, Illinois, fans will have an exciting opportunity to meet up with the Massive-verse creators, including: Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black), Melissa Flores (The Dead Lucky), Marcelo Costa (Radiant Black), Eduardo Ferigato (Radiant Black), Ryan Parrott (Rogue Sun), Igor Monti (Supermassive), Mat Groom (Inferno Girl Red), Joe Clark, Alec Siegel (C.O.W.L.), Laurence Holmes (Radiant Black), and Michael Busuttil (Massive-verse editor), and the Circle Guy Newscrew—for a Massive kick off to c2e2!

Fans who attend will enter Existence with unique narrative experiences that shine new light on the Radiants, visit the real world—reel world?—locations portrayed in the pages of Radiant Black(including Embers and the Roxy theatre in downtown Lockport), and partake in unique photo opportunities and surprise giveaway items.

Then, on Friday, August 5 at 1 PM at the McCormick Place Convention Center, c2e2 attendees are invited to head over to room S401 for the Across the Massive-verse panel. The Image Comics Massive-Verse is only getting started—and this panel is the only place to find out what’s next! Join Higgins, Ferigato, Parrott, Flores, Chen, Groom, and Busuttil for an exclusive Q&A guaranteed to spill the secrets of the Massive-Verse!

Higgins and Costa’s breakout hit Radiant Black took superhero storytelling to new heights when it launched—but Radiant Black isn’t the only character inhabiting the Massive-verse. There’s a whole universe for readers to explore! Characters like Rogue Sun, Inferno Girl Red, The Dead Lucky’s Bibiana—and more yet to be revealed—all occupy the Massive-verse. Each of them has a different story to tell, different adversaries to face… and they each occupy a very different corner of this shared universe.

Radiant Black #16 is on sale now at comic book shops and available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of what the Massive-verse has in store with Ryan Parrott and Abel’s Rogue Sun, Cherish Chen, David Lafuente, and Miquel Muerto’s Radiant Red, Melissa Flores & French Carlomagno’s The Dead Lucky on sale this Wednesday, and more to com

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