Marvel Mourns the Loss of John Romita Sr.

John Romita Sr. was a pillar of the Marvel Universe. As an artist and art director, his talent defined decades of Marvel’s most well-known storytelling, spanning hundreds of unforgettable comics that brought now iconic characters like WolverineBlack Widow, the PunisherKingpinLuke CageSpider-Man, and Mary Jane to life.

Millions came to know Marvel through his art, and millions more came to know Peter Parker through the unmistakable bold brushwork Romita brought to his pages.

Known fondly to many as “Jazzy” John Romita in the Marvel Bullpen, his kindness, grace, and vision will always be remembered, and his influence will continue to shape generations of artists to come at Marvel and beyond.

The Marvel family has lost one of its legends, and we mourn the loss of a creative giant. Our hearts are with his family and loved ones as we remember his legacy.

John Romita Sr.

“John Romita Sr. was an incomparable artist who brought so many iconic Marvel characters to life on the page and set the tone and look of Marvel’s comics for decades. His version of Spider-Man has inspired so many of us at Marvel Studios. Our thoughts are with his family, and the generations of artists and fans who fell in love with the characters he drew.” – Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios

“One of the highlights of my career was working with John Romita Sr. I couldn’t believe that my 25-year-old self was working and interacting with him, and what made it even better was that he was so considerate and kind – something that has stuck with me ever since, among many other memories with him. It was one of the rare moments where you meet one of your heroes and he exceeds your expectations in every possible way. His contributions to Marvel’s pantheon and culture are immense, and he will be sorely missed. He was a great and kind man who truly made the world a better place. My deepest condolences to Virginia, Johnny, and the Romita family.” – Dan Buckley, President, Marvel Entertainment

“I was recently able to fawn over some of John Romita Sr.’s original Spider-Man pages, and the word that kept popping into my mind as I marveled over his linework was ‘timeless.’ His style was such a departure from what had come before, which John did say made him nervous, but one that came to define the look of Peter, Spider-Man, MJ, Gwen and everyone else in their orbit. And the same was true for every Marvel character John designed, penciled and inked. Whether as an artist or art director, John’s work influenced generations of comic book artists. With his passing, the comic industry loses a true legend, but just like his artwork, his legacy will remain timeless.” – C.B. Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief, Marvel Entertainment

“When you close your eyes and picture Spider-Man, you’re probably picturing a John Romita Sr. Spider-Man. From his debut of the character in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #39, the subsequent 50 issues of art, more than 100 covers, and the work he did on the newspaper strip, John defined Spidey for generations of people around the world. That would be enough for anyone else, but John was also an excellent art director, a fantastic father, a doting grandfather, and a gentleman. All of us making Spider-Man comics, and Marvel Comics in general, work in his shadow and strive to live up to the example of the legend, Jazzy John Romita.” – Nick Lowe, Executive Editor, Marvel Entertainment

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