This January, enjoy Nao Fuji’s hit MARVEL MEOW Infinity Comic series from Marvel Unlimited in print form along with new covers and an exclusive new story!

New York, NY— October 24, 2023 — The cats of the Marvel mythos will claw their way to comic shops this January! MARVEL MEOW #1 collects Nao Fuji’s hit Marvel Unlimited Infinity Comic and features brand-new covers and an exclusive new MARVEL MEOW story. The series spotlights adorable interactions between the cats of the Marvel Universe and your favorite heroes and villains. These delightful adventures are perfect for all ages and are sure to delight Marvel fans, cat lovers, and everyone in between!

Marvel’s most fearsome – and furriest – heroes are here to save the day and beg for treats in the process! Follow Chewie, Liho, Alpine and the rest of the Avengers’ feline friends as they cause a few cat-tastrophes…and maybe vanquish some villains in the process! Whether it’s crashing Captain Marvel’s apartment or defeating Doc Ock, you can always count on these cats for some cute chaos!

Check out all three covers now and preorder MARVEL MEOW #1 at your local comic shop today!

MARVEL MEOW #1 – 75960620884500111
Written by NAO FUJI
Art and Cover by NAO FUJI
Variant Cover by DOALY – 75960620884500121
Variant Cover by CHRISSIE ZULLO – 75960620884500131
On Sale 1/3

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