Marvel man’s new book about his life



A key figure in the comic-book world has turned the storyline on himself with a new art book about his life.

Tin Quinn, originally from Liverpool England, worked for Marvel Comics writing and editing storylines for the likes of The X-Men, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor.

Now 68, he has collaborated with author/artist Iman Kakai-Lazell on a custom-made hardback book that uncovers his innermost thoughts, feelings, and memories.

TIM QUINN – CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO is released on Moochin’ About on 16 November 2021. Priced £25 it is available here.

Kakai-Lazell staged a series of interviews with Quinn and gathered images from his life. She then manipulated and reinterpreted words and photographs to create a stunning visual journey that spotlights Quinn’s life and career.

At school when Quinn said he wanted to work in comic books, his Christian Brother teacher tried to dash his dream: “Comic Books Quinn? Are you deranged?”

This strict Catholic school education would prove to be a fruitful source of material for bad guys he would go on to portray in comics.

Starting his career as a clown at Blackpool Tower Circus, Quinn worked on BBC’s Good Old Days music hall series writing scripts before leaping into the world of superheroes.

He was a scriptwriter, illustrator, or editor on iconic titles The Beano, The Dandy, Sparky, The Topper, Buster, Whoopee!, Bunty, Jackie, Dr. Who Magazine, and Whizzer & Chips before heading Stateside to work for the mighty Marvel Comics alongside the iconic Stan Lee.

He has also worked as a writer for The Guardian, acted as an editor for America’s oldest publication The Saturday Evening Post, and produced LWT’s South Bank Show.

Iman Kakai-Lazell said: “Tim Quinn has had a remarkable life and I wanted to shine a light on the man behind some of Marvel Comics’ most-loved superheroes.

“Tim has been able to express himself in a completely different way. And then I’ve been able to add my interpretation to each page. This work pushes the boundaries of what we consider as a book. I hope people will love reading it as much as I have loved creating it.”

Tim Quinn said: “Iman has created a beautiful piece of work. I wish my grandparents and parents were alive to see it as they feature in its pages. I’d describe it like a ‘life-flashes before me book’.

“The book is moments from the ups and downs of my life. She has taken my life and turned it into a work of art. Which is quite extraordinary.”

Iman Kakai-Lazell will join Tim Quinn at this year’s Comic-Con in Liverpool on 13 and 14 November where they will be signing copies.

TIM QUINN – CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO is the fourth in Iman’s Confessions series of books. Previous subjects have included journalist John Robb, Chameleons singer Mark Burgess and Tony Skinkis’ photographs of the Manchester post-punk band.

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