Check out all-new variant covers for Cavan Scott and Ario Anindito’s STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #1, on sale November 8.


New York, NY— October 6, 2023 — The explosive new era of Star Wars: The High Republic is upon us! Phase III of the hit publishing-wide storytelling initiative kicks off next month with new Star Wars novels and comics set during the golden age of the Jedi. On November 8, writer Cavan Scott and artist Ario Aninditio return for Marvel’s flagship High Republic ongoing comic series in STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC [PHASE III] #1.

Today, fans can check out the covers for the highly-anticipated debut issue, including a connecting piece by Mico Suayan that will run across the first four issues. To not spoil readers, the final part of Suayan’s piece will be revealed at a later date!

The new series picks up after the shocking events of Phase I as Keeve Trennis, now a Jedi Master, fights to reunite the Jedi and restore hope to the galaxy far, far away. Complete with new heroes, mysteries, and threats, the High Republic stories take place centuries prior to the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, taking fans into a previously unseen period where the Jedi were at the height of their glory! Marvel’s STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC [PHASE III] #1 will continue to reward readers already immersed in the world of Star Wars: The High Republic and serve as a perfect jumping on point for those venturing into the High Republic mythos for the very first time!

A year after the destruction of Starlight Beacon, Marchion Ro and the Nihil stand victorious! The galaxy is in turmoil: The once mighty Jedi are outclassed, the Republic is on its knees. On the edges of the galactic frontier, Jedi Master Keeve Trennis leads a desperate assault against an invading force! The odds are stacked against her, but a Jedi always clings to hope. The Force is always with her…right? Not so fast!

“I’m over the moon to be returning to our original High Republic characters as we reach the climatic final phase of the publishing initiative,” Scott said. “I’m particularly excited to be working with Ario Anindito again as well as to welcome Jim Towe to the art team. Their work is truly stunning! I can’t wait for readers to see it for themselves!”

STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #1 [PHASE III] – 75960620708400111

Written by CAVAN SCOTT

Cover by PHIL NOTO

Variant Cover by ANNIE WU – 75960620708400121

Connecting Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN – 75960620708400131

Connecting Virgin Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN – 75960620708400117

Variant Cover by DAVID BALDEÓN – 75960620708400116

On Sale 11/8

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