Two icons from the comic book scene are reunited for a new book which details their work with Dr Who and the world’s biggest superheroes.

MONSTER MARVEL MEMORIES by Tim Quinn & Dicky Howett is a retrospective of the pair’s work bringing British-style humour to Marvel Comics.

Meeting in the 1970s, Dicky’s cartoon artistry was the perfect foil for Tim’s wizardry with words.

They quickly gained notoriety for wacky cartoon strips. At Marvel Comics they concocted madcap storylines involving the greatest super-heroes from Spiderman and Thor to X-MEN.

MONSTER MARVEL MEMORIES is produced by Moochin’ About Publications. Compiled, edited and designed by its resident artist Iman Kakai-Lazell.

The book is launched at Comic Con Liverpool on 21 and 22 May where Quinn and Howett will sign copies.

MONSTER MARVEL MEMORIES captures the best of their comic book work over more than two decades with Marvel and companies both sides of the Atlantic.

One of the longest running strips from the pair was their Doctor Who spoof that ran in Marvel’s Doctor Who Magazine for 15 years. Dicky: “I must have drawn Dr Who more than 700 times!”

Tim Quinn, 68, from Liverpool, said: “We had a blast working for Marvel Comics. We were churning out comic strips at an alarming rate. This is the first time we have taken a step back to look at that body of work.

“It’s great to be teaming up with Dicky again after all these years. It’s fantastic to see those old strips, many of which we had completely forgotten, brought to a new audience.”

Dicky Howett, 77, from Essex, said: “Marvel was such a creative company with new ideas exploding off the page every single day. We certainly turned out a lot of comic strip pages during those years, not only for Marvel but for many other publishers in both the UK and US.”

Also featured in the book are the pair’s memories, photos and memorabilia from this heady period.

The tome also contains a never-seen-before poem specially written by Marvel legend Stan Lee on ‘How To Be a Super-Hero’. Copies of the book will also include a free comic book featuring the pair’s take on Doctor Who’s Dalek World.

MONSTER MARVEL MEMORIES is available for pre-order and will ship on or around 15 May. Buy your copy here.

Notes to editors:

More details, images and interview requests with Tim / Dicky / Iman via Dickie Felton richardpfelton@gmail.com07706166787.

Tim Quinn

I was born striped due to my mother’s wartime diet. This caused Mum to name me after her favourite childhood comic book character, Tiger Tim. I was beaten regularly at school for breathing by the Irish Christian Brothers. They wanted me to be a priest. Instead I left school at 16 and became a clown at Blackpool Tower Circus. This in turn led to writing scripts for a variety of names of the day including Ronnie Corbett, Little and Large, Jimmy Cricket and Bernard Manning. Comic books took over my life from the 70s as I worked on most of the titles of the day from The Topper, Sparky, Beano, Buster, and Whoopee in Great Britain before joining up with the Marvel Comics super-heroes. Outside of comics I’ve worked as a producer of documentaries for the South Bank Show and as a manager and agent for various musical performers. I’ve never been happier than working with the fabulous Iman Kakai-Lazell who is a true conceptual artist and spirit.

Dicky Howett

Adolf Hitler entered my life with a real bang. Early in 1945, he lobbed a V2 rocket into our street and like any good comedy act, he brought the house down. Apart from all that early trauma, I went into advertising photography, became a BBC ‘film assistant’ and latterly drew countless cartoons viewed the world over. Today I draw nothing remotely amusing but concentrate entirely on my company Golden Age TV, which provides veteran TV and film equipment as props to the world’s production media. Working currently on a TV biopic about Noele Gordon of Crossroads fame. Well I never did.

Iman Kakai-Lazell

Born at Rasht Iran, Iman came to London as a toddler with the ambition of getting into creating from an early age. With two degrees in arts she went off to New York for a few years to start her own adventure. Married with one son, she now lives in south Cumbria.

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