In the latest intersection of tech and hygiene, Marvel and Evo bring its elite technology to fans


While most heroes in the Marvel Universe inherit their powers through another realm, science experiment or accident, Tony Stark created Iron Man by manufacturing the highest levels of technology. Now, Marvel and Evo are bringing elite technology to an exciting innovation – and one that Marvel fans will soon be able to use in their very own homes.


“Designing this product was a journey on its own. We spent hundreds of hours researching every aspect of Iron Man’s character, the story, and what fans would love. We then worked with our factories to understand the limitations and ensure we could push the boundaries in every aspect of development,” Anish Patel, founder of Evo.


“Evo was born from a dream to create futuristic products today. Concept products are always amazing to look at, however, they are rarely something you can purchase or use for yourself. We asked the question, ‘Why?’” Patel said. “Most concept products are ahead of their time and there is not enough scale to make the economics work. We met this challenge by finding ways to make these futuristic products accessible for consumers everywhere.”

Evo’s team spent years thinking of how to change this system. They partnered with some of the best manufacturers around the world and some of the smartest engineers to bring their product designs to fruition on a larger scale. The product, which will be available for pre-order in early November, is an item every person uses as part of their daily routine – a product that affects our long-term health in a myriad of ways.

While Marvel fans will be champing at the bit to discover what the latest development in high-tech manufacturing is, Evo won’t be revealing its secret until pre-order opens in early November. There’s more in store for this incredible rollout including a limited-supply, first edition item and a teaser video, revealing hints of this groundbreaking launch.


Visit to access the secret vault and become one of the first fans to get on the pre-order list before its public reveal. To learn more, follow Evo on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, You Tube, Facebook

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