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What began as an idea for a super villain action figure inspired by a famous 20th century artist evolved into a five-issue comic book story drawn by some of the most legendary and talented Bronze Age comic book artists. Austin Hough, husband, father of three, lifelong Chicagoan, music lover, sports enthusiast, toy collector, and comic book fan. Decided one day at the age of 50 that it was time to start a comic book publishing company. Power Comics, Inc. and their first series, being funded on Kickstarter, is The Masters.

The Masters Issue 1 Cover A
The Masters Issue 1 Cover A
Art by Steven Butler; Colors by Mort Todd. A tribute to the Jim Aparo cover of DC Limited Collectors’ Edition C-37.

“A team of super-powered super villains, each who’s identity is inspired by a famous 20th century artist, come together at the behest of an unidentified benefactor. All being master artists as well as master thieves, this benefactor dubs this new super villain team, The Masters, and contracts them to steal five very specific portrait paintings from around the world. The paintings individually hold insignificant value, but collectively they are priceless to the benefactor who plans to use their power and influence to perpetrate a scheme only known to him.”

“Standing  in their way, though, is a team of Golden Age super heroes led by Black Owl and including: Arrow, Airman, Plymo the Rubber Man, Fly-Man, and  Twister.  Together they form The Power Corps and are dedicated to foiling  The Masters’ evil plan.”

“Who  is this unknown benefactor?  Why does he need these  specific paintings to carry out his ultimate plan?  How can The  Power Corps stop The Masters?  All will be revealed in the upcoming  five-issue series: The Masters.”

The Masters complete series is live on Kickstarter now HERE with the date of the first issue set for March 2022.

The Masters Issue 1 Cover B
The Masters Issue 1 Cover B
Pencils by Bart Sears; Inks by Mark Pennington; Colors by Mort Todd. A tribute to the Bart Sears Justice League Europe #1

“The format and style of the story is an homage to the Bronze Age series The Brave and The Bold drawn so beautifully for nearly 100 issues by legendary DC Comics artist Jim Aparo. As in The Brave and The Bold, each villain is confronted by  the main hero (in this case a re-imagined, modernized version of the Golden Age public domain character, the Black  Owl) along with a fellow guest hero from the Golden Age of Comics (who has also  been re-imagined and modernized).”

“Five specific artists were asked to choose their favorite villain and with that came the  tasks of drawing their individual chapter AND re-imaging the Golden Age  super hero that confronts them in their chapter.  Artists were given  complete creative freedom in recreating and modernizing these heroes of the past and they are all spectacular!”

Austin has gone above and beyond enlisting the aid of more than 30 artists from the all the Ages of comics. Ramona Fradon, Pablo Marcos, Tom Palmer, Romeo Tanghal, Bob Hall, Mike Vosburg, Mike Grell, Joe Staton, Alan Weiss, Al Milgrom, Val Mayerik, Arvell Jones, Alex Saviuk, Art Baltazar, and so many more.

Power Comics Lunch Box
The official Power Comics metal lunchbox featuring all of members of The Masters AND The Power Corps as drawn by Dakota Alexander, Tom Morgan, and Darryl Young.

The rewards are extra special and full of nostalgia as well. The basic, digital edition of all five issues of The Masters is $10US. A printed set with your choice of variant covers will set you back $50US. A trade paperback, action figures, a lunch box, stickers, calendar, Slurpee-style cups, all with great homages to comics from the past.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page today and follow Power Comics, Inc. on Facebook and Instagram.

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