Marty’s Kickstarter Pick … The Consul #1

The Consul #1 Cover
The Consul #1 Cover

Future Earth Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter for their new series The Consul. Set in the year 2017 the comic follows the adventures of Gabriel Quinn a former Naval aircraft pilot who is shot down while on a routine recon mission.

I had a chance to speak to Raymond Fields at Future Earth about this project.

Martin: So Raymond, thanks for stopping by for a chat.

Raymond: It’s an absolute pleasure, I really appreciate you taking time to discuss The Consul

Martin: So in your story Gabriel Quinn is shot down and killed but then revived by an alien race … the Telen. Who are the Telen?

Raymond: The Telen’s are an altruistic humanoid alien race who are charged with aiding humanity’s development. The Telen society is very advanced, they have solved many of the problems that plague humanity. On Telen there is no war, poverty, racism, sexism. They have evolved to a place where they can help primitive societies grow and prosper. They aid but not interfere. They want to give Gabriel a chance to serve humanity as a Consul. Issue one sets up what will be an action packed four issue story arc.

The Consul #1 Interior Page
The Consul #1 Interior Page

Martin: You mentioned that The Consul has elements of classic espionage thrillers like James Bond and Mission Impossible with a unique Sci-Fi twist. I assume you were a big fan of the spy genre? What made you want to combine that with Sci-Fi?

Raymond: First and foremost, I’m a science fiction writer. The Consul is my homage to spy shows like James Bond, Mission Impossible and 24. I have always been interested in the idea of extraterrestrial involvement in the development of other worlds. I think adding aliens in place of spy organizations such as the CIA, MI6, CTU or IMF provides a fresh interesting Sci-Fi element to the genre.

Martin: Tell me a bit more about the details of the Kickstarter campaign.

Raymond: Future Earth Entertainment is hoping to raise $1,200, all of the money raised will go to pay the artist working on the book. FEE is offering some cool rewards such as digital and print editions of the book, 11×17 prints and t-shirts. The campaign will run thirty days and end on July 20th. FEE prides itself on delivering rewards on time to backers that support its Kickstarter campaign.

There you have it folks, support this comic on Kickstarter today at

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