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Press Release – Spectrum #2 Kickstarter Launch


Spectrum #1 CoverFolks, I’m proud to announce the KICKSTARTER for my LGBT Superhero comic, SPECTRUM #2, is about to launch next Wednesday, the 23rd of September! Written by Michael McAdam, Art by the fabulous Jeremy Thew! Go to the Kickstarter page HERE and sign up to receive notifications when the page goes live! For more information about SPECTRUM check out our site HERE!

What if you had to “come out” twice?

Spectrum #1 Interior Page
Spectrum #1 Interior Page

Richie Sorensen is an average teen just learning about what it means to be gay. Then one night he is enveloped by the Northern Lights and his world begins to change around him– he gains powers of light, making him both a literal and a figurative spectrum– a rainbow of colour and of life.

The government involves itself very quickly and Richie is introduced to a world of super-citizens who are trained to use their powers for the good of society.

SPECTRUM is an ongoing series focussing on teenage experiences with coming out, diversity, ethical and personal dilemmas that all contribute to the rainbow of experience that is life for LGBT people.

Written by Michael McAdam
Art by Jeremy Thew

SPECTRUM is available in print or digital format from  IndyPlanet or digital thru Comixology

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