Marty’s Kickstarter Pick … King of Camp #1

Well, time for another Kickstarter Pick. Boy, it seems like February is a big launch month for comic book Kickstarters with quite a few of my favs returning and some great new ones popping up. Hopefully I’ll be able to feature a bunch.

King of Camp Cover
King of Camp Cover

King of Camp from Dennis Hart is a new Kickstarter I was referred to by Auric of the Great White North’s artist, Andrew Thomas. Dennis is a caricature artist by trade and was recently inspired to create some comic books. King of Camp is about Jeffrey, a camp counselor that meets an untimely death. Making a deal with “Dark Forces” Jeffrey returns from the dead and starts a rampage of revenge and murder. Sounds familiar. But this isn’t where the comic starts off. No Sir. In the comic, we find Jeffery in a rut and feeling unfulfilled after decades as a back-from-the-dead slasher. Killing doesn’t fill him with the same joie de vivre or zest for life .. err .. death .. um, zest for death? So, what does a bored and complacent killer do?

I had a quick little chat with Dennis Hart about the project.

Martin Boruta: Dennis, glad you could answer a few questions about King of Camp. Tell me a bit more about the project.

Dennis Hart: So, recently I’ve started watching horror movies. One day, I was joking around about how many decades these horror-movie killers had been terrorizing their victims. I felt like, at some point, they’d just get burned out, hehe. The more I thought about it, the funnier it got and I finally started writing it out. Now I’m sitting here with a whole story arch and 3 more issues.

Ultimately, I’d love to get a good writer on this project so I could really focus on the art of it. After that, my goal is to take it to a publisher.

Martin: How about the standard Kickstarter question, why go to Kickstarter for your comic book project?

King of Camp Interior Page
King of Camp Interior Page

Dennis: I’ve never done a crowd-funded style project before and I’m usually pretty broke, hehe. I decided I was making the comic whether or not people bought it, so I thought… why not go for it? It’s been a pretty great experience so far. Everyone’s been very supportive.

Martin: Aside from your 10 years as a caricature artist, what else have you worked on or is this your first comic book project?

Dennis: For a few months before I started working on King of Camp, I was writing and drawing a comic called Better Each Day. It was a bit of an autobiographical story for people who struggle with depression. I started it as a form of therapy but people really started to identify with it. I still make it, but I took a break to work solely on this.

Martin: Okay. King of Camp is done. Kickstarter successful. Dough rolling in. What’s next?

Dennis: Well, I would love to just roll right into drawing issue 2, honestly. I’ve really wanted to start working on more comics, so I’ll just keep making my own titles. I still have my caricature work coming in, but I’d like to draw more comic books and work with more people.

So, King of Camp is completed. The book is ready to go with the Kickstarter funds going to the printing and shipping costs of this book. With a crazy low goal, everything is fully funded as well. But don’t let that stop you from participating and getting your hands on a copy of the comic.

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