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The New Location

A little different kind of a Kickstarter Pick from me this time around folks. Instead of pitching a cool, new, independent comic book I’d like to highlight a cool, new (ish) comic book shop!  With a focus on building a comic book shop that embodies inclusive and diverse representation, owner Katie Proctor opened Books with Pictures three years ago. And with the help of some wonderful Kickstarter supporters, Katie is looking for some help to move Books with Pictures a few blocks away to a new building. The new location will be in a historic Portland, Oregon building that has been home to a bookstore since the 1970s.

I had a chance to chat with Katie this morning and she stressed how much emphasis she puts on being able to answer an enthusiastic “Yes” to the question, “Do you have any stories with someone who’s like me?” Katie trains her staff to never assume a customer comes into the store knowing exactly what they want. That each person has the ability to discover something new to read if guided along that path. In fact, Katie told me of one young lady that walked into her shop, 22 years old and from first glance, an assumption could have been made about a suitable graphic novel for her. But after chatting with Katie for a few minutes and looking over a few suggestions the art and story in the Donny Cates written Cosmic Ghost Rider matched this young lady’s sense of humour.

So what’s the Kickstarter all about? The new location doesn’t just supply a more permanent home for Books with Pictures as it also offers more space for events within the community. But moving isn’t cheap. Renovations cost money. Shelving and displays need to be bought.

Katie Proctor and the Books with Pictures staff
Katie Proctor and the Books with Pictures staff

And what a Kickstarter campaign it is! To say that the local comics creator community has flooded Katie with a tremendous outpouring of support is an understatement. ” … artwork from Steve Lieber (Jimmy Olsen, The Fix, Superior Foes of Spider-Man), Erika Moen (Oh Joy Sex Toy), Nick Pitarra (S.H.I.E.L.D.: Infinity, The Manhattan Projects), Tyler Crook (Harrow County, B.P.R.D., Witchfinder), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, Murder Incorporated), Ron Randall (Trekker, Sasquatch Detective), Cat Farris (My Boyfriend is a Bear, The Last Diplomat, Harrow County: Tales of Harrow County), Ron Chan (Plants vs. Zombies, Adventure Time), and more. ” Katie also recently added curated tote bags filled with graphic novels, prints and treats from Erin Nations (Gumballs), Mark Russell (God Is Disappointed in You, Prez, Snagglepuss), Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, Nancy Drew) and Matthew Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, Punisher, Star Wars). You know that Katie has a really special shop when you look at all the creator rewards.

Also coming up this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and Books with Pictures is celebrating with a slew of activities. Cosplay all day long with Jedi Knights of the 501st Legion appearing in the morning and the Avengers in the afternoon. Sketches from Pharaoh Bolding (Stumptown Underground, Skull Cave Chronicles) and Eryc Donovan (Quantum Teens Are Go). The aforementioned free comics, as well as a wonderful selection of graphic novels, awaits visitors on Saturday.

So check out the campaign at Books with Pictures Kickstarter and support this great shop.

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