Marty’s Kickstarter Pick … Badassical Issue #4

I did a review of Badassical #1 a while back and it is one of those series that I have been following all along. Today will see the launch of the Kickstarter campaign to fund Badassical #4. Chatting online and meeting at various conventions I’ve gotten to know writer John Fleming so I was not surprised at all that John gave me an advance peek and a chance to sit down and discuss the upcoming issue.

Badassical Issue #4 Cover A
Badassical Issue #4 Cover A

Martin Boruta: Thanks for taking a few moments to chat with me about Badassical #4.

John Fleming: It’s always a pleasure taking some time to talk comics with you Martin.

Martin: Give me a rundown on Badassical in general for someone that might be new to the series?

John: Three young women are trapped in a reality TV show on a city-wide scale, there are evil ninja’s, giant robots, and in issue three we had business-class vampires. We’re having a great time making a fun comic with some more serious undertones.

Martin: Tell me a bit about issue #4 of Badassical?

John: Well, bad things are on the horizon, and our trio of heroines are in trouble with a small army on its way to kill them. We’ll see how that goes.

Martin: Issue #4, eh? So sales of the series have been good?

John: Sales have been solid, and we’re getting an amazing support from the community. People have been falling in love with the characters as much as we have.

Martin: Why crowdfund specifically with Kickstarter and how was your experience launching the other issues on Kickstarter?

Badassical Issue #4 Cover B
Badassical Issue #4 Cover B

John: We’ve mostly just been seeing more and more people coming on side, and we’ve been killing our Kickstarter goals. We’re giving people great art and solid writing, and the community has been good to us. As for why Kickstarter? We get to connect with the community, and that community means a lot to us.

Martin: What have you learned using Kickstarter so far or advice you would give others trying to crowdfund their projects?

John: Make something of quality, and build a community of great people around you.

Martin: I know that your partner-in-crime, artist Collette Turner, has really been killing it doing some amazing variant covers for companies like Action Lab and Coffin Comics. What is it like continuing to work with Collette on this project?

John: I’ll be honest, Collette has always been one of my favourite artists, and it’s amazing working with her and watching pages take shape.

Martin: What’s next after this Kickstarter? I know that’s hard to look at given all the work to complete this current issue but any cool plans for the future?

John: Collette and I both have future personal projects we want to do, and I know we’ll be backing each other up on those as much as we can.

Martin: Thanks again John and you know you will see my name in your list of supporters for Issue #4

You can check out the Kickstarter today and see all the cool art rewards. The live link to the project can be found Badassical #4 Kickstarter and in just a few short hours they have reached 330% of their funding goals. For updates and news on any future issues check out the Badassical Facebook Page.

Issue: Badassical #1 | Publisher: Dapper Drone
Writer: John Fleming | Artists: Collette Turner & J. Skipper

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