Marty’s Kickstarter Pick … Auric of the Great White North #4


Once again the folks at Great North Comics have created a Kickstarter to fund the printing of issue #4 of Auric of the Great White North. An absolute blast of a comic book. This go around writer Davis Dewsbury and artist Andrew Thomas are introducing a new character … Desbois.

“Friend or Foe? Who is the masked man they call DESBOIS? Find out in this exciting chapter of Auric of the Great White North! It’s modern day and it’s been about a decade since Auric saved the North from its century-long battle against an evil curse. But, with the curious re-emergence of monsters, our hero has returned to fight for his people. Now, in his golden years, Auric has assembled a new team and struggles to battle a whole new generation of beasts, all while dealing with the fact that he is no longer in his prime. As a face from Auric’s past emerges with a so-called “cure” to the curse and as the faith of his people begins to unravel, does Auric still have what it takes to step up and be the hero he once was?”

I had the chance to sit down with Andrew Thomas and discuss the project.

Auric #4 Cover
Auric #4 Cover

Martin Boruta: Andrew, thank you so much for taking a few moments and letting me know some details on your new Kickstarter.

Andrew Thomas: Thanks for having me, Martin!

Martin: With the success of your first few issues and issue #4 being 90% done, why turn to Kickstarter to fund the printing? Was your previous Kickstarter experiences that rewarding?

Andrew: Kickstarter works as a great pre-sale front. We get to re-engage the readers, new and returning, by offering more than just the book. More bang for their buck.

Martin: Obviously, being a Canadian comic book in this relatively close-knit Canadian comic book creator community your support here at home has been great. What about in other countries like our American cousins to the south?

Andrew: We definitely have readers across Canada and we appreciate the home-grown support. We have quite a few followers of the series in both the United States and the United Kingdom. We’re doing our part to spread the series as far as we can.

Martin: I know you just launched this project but I assume you are looking ahead as well. What’s next?

Andrew: Well, after the Kickstarter it’s the usual business, moving onto the next issue. This arc will wrap up in issue #6, and the story for the next one are already underway. In addition to the regular series, we will keep putting out new Tall Tails when we can. Plus the annual Northern Ontario Expo mini each spring.

Auric #4 Interior Page
Auric #4 Interior Page

Martin: One of the cool things about an ongoing series is developing the supporting characters. I can’t help but notice the bartender from issue #3 was a charming fellow. Is this a reoccurring roll?

Andrew: Ha! If Auric ever needs another drink, we can be sure Marty the bartender will be there!

Martin: In your past Kickstarters it seems like you have had a tonne of support from fellow creators offering up prints and variant covers. Anyone new joining Team Auric for this project?

Andrew: We’re blessed to have such great new rewards contributed by such artists as Hugh Rookwood, Arnold Trinidad and Gibson Quarter. Not to mention the beautiful colors by Donovan Yaciuk on the Regular cover and the Gibson Quarter print.

Martin: Well Sir, thanks again for this and best of luck with the Kickstarter. I have pledged and am looking forward to seeing that amazing Mike Rooth variant cover.

Andrew: Thanks again Martin for your continued support on this series! We couldn’t do this without guys like you.

Check out Auric of the Great White North Issue #4 on Kickstarter here … And if you are new to Auric, they have a fantastic reward tier just for you with the Auric Series Catch Up reward which will get you all the issues in the series.

Issue: Auric of the Great White North #4 | Publisher: Great North Comics
Writer: Davis Dewsbury | Artists: Andrew Thomas, Sharon Gauthier & Donovan Yaciuk
Price: $10 reward tier for a physical copy – 20 Pages

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