Mark Russell and Peter Snejberg’s Monstrously Funny CEREAL Is a Dark and Distinctly Adult Take on Breakfast Cereal Monsters

The Graphic Novel Presents Three Tasty, All-New and Never-Before-Published Stories, Alongside Every Chapter From the Fan Favorite EDGAR ALLAN POE Horror Humor Anthologies

They lurk in the shadows—and in your shopping cart. The dangerous and the damned, the monstrous and the mutilated, the devils who snarl at innocent children from boxes of sugar cereal. AHOY Comics is proud (and slightly terrified) to present CEREAL, a dark, distinctly adult, and lovingly funny take on an earlier generation’s beloved monsters from writer Mark Russell (Second Coming) and artist Peter Snejbjerg (BPRD: Hell on Earth, The Boys). The volume collects every chapter from AHOY’s Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of… anthologies, as well as an all-new three-part conclusion.

“Monsters play such an expansive role in our collective conscience, being used for everything from giving face to our deepest fears to selling us breakfast cereal,” said Russelll. “This book looks at monsters from every angle at once. It sees them as we are — as cartoonish but scary, as comical, and yet, still sad.”

The Marquis de Cocoa, recently transformed into a vampire, braves the agony of sunrise to throw his famous breakfast parties, where he plays his deadly games with such oddly familiar characters as the Quaker, Beau Berrie, and The Brute. This is their secret backstory, a chilling tale of a war of monsters who kill without remorse and stay crunchy in milk. Three climatic chapters—42 never-before-published pages of comics—complete this volume which ComicMix called “a satirical farce of everything that’s near and dear to every kid who grew up watching Hammer monster movies and eating cereal for breakfast.”

“CEREAL is a delicious slice of satire,” said AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer. “I can’t wait for readers to load up on pop rocks, down a bunch of soda, and discover the charm of The Marquis de Cocoa, the Quaker, Beau Berrie, and The Brute.”

CEREAL will be available in stores on October 11, 2023.

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