Marcelo Trom’s Infinite Punishment: Shadows of War #3 to be released posthumously

The third issue of Infinite Punishment will arrive in comic shops, several months after Marcelo Trom’s death. On October 20th, creator Marcelo Trom passed away suddenly, leaving the fate of the third of the three issue series in limbo. Publisher FantaCo Enterprises, in conjunction with Marcelo’s wife, Juliana, are releasing the third and final issue of the series.

“Marcelo had roughed out the book, and being the talent he is, even his roughs are great art. We felt there was enough here to get to the end of the third issue and wrap up the series. This clearly is what he would have wanted, and Juliana has been instrumental in helping us gather up the material to make this happen. Marcelo’s breakdowns are very tight, so it you don’t lose a beat in the story,“ states James Whiting, co-writer on the series. “We are also in the early stages of planning on a coffee-table book of his good-girl art later in the year, but this just felt right to get the last issue out there and end the series as a tribute to Marcelo. He was a great talent, and a good friend, he will be missed.”

The Infinite Punishment: Shadows of War miniseries tells the story of Lilith the succubus and her escape from hell and the clutches of the devil. The third concluding issue arrives in comic shops in January.

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