Marat Mychaels talks about DO YOU POOH?

marat-mychaelsMarat Mychaels grew up in Los Angeles CA, and worked at the world famous Golden Apple Comics Shop. At age 13 while at a local comic book convention he met Rob Liefeld who was 16 at the time. The two struck up a friendship that has lasted to this day. When Rob Liefeld was working on Marvel’s New Mutants he hired 18 year old Marat as his assistant and Marat broke into comics. Marat currently runs his graphic design company and freelances as a comic book illustrator and writer. He is currently working on a character who is a mash-up of Rob Liefeld’s Deadpool and Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, in Counterpoint Comics new one-shot Do You Pooh?
do-you-phoo-fMarat was nice enough to stop by First Comics News and give us the lowdown on Do You Pooh?

First Comics News: What is Do You Pooh about?

Marat Mychaels: Do You Pooh is a parody of Deadpool and Winnie the pooh…it’s edgy and not for the kiddie’s. besides that the readers need to buy a copy and have a good laugh. Do You Pooh was co-plotted and scripted by Terry Sala and he killed it…a lot of laugh out loud moments.

do-you-phoo-b1st: How many cover have you drawn for Do You Pooh?

Marat: Oh Man I have lost count at this point. LOL I believe around 20 with the latest one being the Comikaze Expo exclusive with Stan Lee on the cover.

1st: Are they all Marvel parody covers?

Marat: No. We homage/parody all publishers classic covers. It’s a blast to be able to go back and homage all the covers I loved as a kid. Also I have a blast trying to adjust my style artistically to suit the cover.

do-you-phoo-c1st: How limited are these editions?

Marat: I keep every cover super limited…usually 25 copies. never to exceed 100 for very special editions such as the Stan Lee variant. The books are digitally numbered right on the covers to make sure the rareness and collectibility is maintained.

1st: Is it only going to be the one shot, or are there more issues planed for the future?

Marat: Nope it’s a one-shot. Legally I can’t do a 2nd issue. So it’s just one complete story.

do-you-phoo-d1st: Rob’s your buddy, how does he feel about the parody?

Marat: He loves it…thinks it’s hilarious. He has signed many of them at conventions.

1st: You also work on Notti & Nyce at Counterpoint Comics, what is Notti & Nyce about?

Marat: Notti and Nyce is about two hot ass female assassins and all the mis adventures the get into. I fell into this book by accident, it was supposed to be a one-shot but sales where so good that we are now on issue #11 of the regular series and did a 5 issue mini-series before that. It’s had some amazing covers by the likes of Ebas, Joe Benetiz, Mike DeBalfo, Alex Kotkin, Nei Rufino just to name a few. I think that’s part of the appeal…also the interior art chores are split between myself and Dietrich ( Dynamite’s Shaft) Smithwho is doing some great work.

: For most of your career you have been an artist, how does it feel branching out into writing?

Marat: I’ve plotted books throughout my career so it’s not all that new to me . Scripting Notti and Nyce is easy because it’s one running joke..if you think I’m funny then you’ll get the book. As of issue 12 Terry Sala is taking over writing chores on that book as well.

1st: Is there anything else your working on you would like to share with our readers?

Marat: I have a new creator owned project I’m developing for 2016 but it’s to early to share anything about it. I will say that it’s gonna be the work of my career..guaranteed!

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