Manowar #1 Review


An android from the past controls the destiny of the future. Read Manowar’s origin with all new art in FULL color–from the golden age of comics.

Manowar the White Streak, is a golden age character created in 1940 by Carl Burgos, best known for creating the superhero android, Jim Hammond aka the Human Torch. Appearing in twenty-two issues of Target Comics, he faded into obscurity after World War II.

Until now.

In this first issue of hopefully an ongoing series, independent comic artist Jay Piscopo has awakened Manowar for a new generation. An origin issue, Mr. Piscopo has covered the background of Manowar from his origins in history to awakening in World War II times.

The storyline flows from panel to panel, bring the reader up to date with his origin and setting up modern stories in modern times at the same time. The art is fantastic if serious looking.

Published by Lucky Comics in digital form, at 75 cents, the price is unbeatable. Lucky Comics is another comic publisher reviving public domain golden-age characters into a modern shared universe.

The one complaint I could say is that the story is only 8 pages long and it left me wanting more, much more.

Story-Art-Letters-Cover Artist: Jay Piscopo
Release Date: February 16, 2019
Digital, 11 pages, full color.
Digital price .75 cents

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