Man, Am I in for a Huge … Motor Crush #1

Motor Crush #1 Cover
Motor Crush #1 Cover

So, I’ve been at this comic book thing for a few years now. Just a bit over forty years of reading comic books. I’ve seen trends come and go, markets shift and stories mature. Then one morning I woke up and saw publishers chasing a demographic I was not a part of. Stories were being written, not for me, but for the next generation of comic readers. The Batgirl of Burnside storyline from DC a few years ago, was just such an example. And while the comic was well received it just didn’t resonate with me. But that’s the point, it wasn’t supposed to … my daughters on the other hand loved it to bits.

The creators involved with Burnside Batgirl have struck out into “creator-owned” territory with a new comic book coming from Image Comics. Motor Crush is a story that centers around Domino Swift, a competitor in the violent World Grand Prix motorcycle racing league. While her day gig is to seek fame and fortune on the racing circuit she spends her nights mixing it up with rival gangs trying to find her stolen stash of an expensive, engine additive “drug” for bikes that boosts performance. This drug is called Crush.

Text balloons making it seem like you are reading the comic on the web, asking you to “click here for more” and pseudo slang are gimmicks used to try and create a distinctive world more akin to Speed Racer than a Fast & the Furious movie. This time around it is working for me. Maybe it is because the comic is set in the non-superhero genre or maybe because I have no preconceived notions of the characters, unlike Batgirl? The characters are compelling, the racing league and rival gangs are introduced and explained while leaving you with that first issue twist to bring you back for more.

Motor Crush #1 Interior Page
Motor Crush #1 Interior Page

Interestingly the credits in the comic list the artists and writers as “Creators” indicating a high level of collaboration between Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher & Cameron Stewart. The art askews the traditional line work and shading with colour layered on top for the more recent trend of using colour in a more integral part of the depth of the art. Stylized but very professional the highly-detailed art almost has a Disney cartoon aesthetic.

This is the kind of comic Image is more and more known for, high quality creator owned work that has a distinctive style in both art and storytelling. Something different than the usual two superheroes meet, misunderstand each other and fight, make up and go defeat the bad guy. Fortunately, even though I’m a bit of an old-timer, I really like this comic and I’m looking forward to issue #2.

Issue: Motor Crush #1 | Publisher: Image Comics
Story: Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher & Cameron Stewart | Art: Babs Tarr & Cameron Stewart
Price: $3.99

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