Malley Simpson talks about THEY CALL HIM MARVELOUS

Jamaal “Malley” Simpson is the creator and writer of a new series called THEY CALL HIM: MARVELOUS. He has been writing his own stories and cartoons since 1994 and decided not just to write comic books but also do voice over like my heroes Paul Frees, Frank Welker, and Maurice LaMarche. Malley stopped by First Comics News to tell our readers all about THEY CALL HIM: MARVELOUS.

First Comics News: Who is Malcolm Garfield?

Malley Simpson: Malcolm Garfield is the son of a Nigerian man and a Cherokee woman who died when he was an infant and was adopted and raised by a Samoan American Family called The Garfields.

1st: Why do they call him Marvelous?

Malley: He’s called Marvelous because he can do some seriously marvelous feat of strength and skills.

1st: Who are Jameison, Mr. Hudson, and Classy Clyde?

Malley: Jameison, Mr. Hudson, and Classy Clyde are the main muscles of the series’ main antagonist The Crimson Mask, and use to be childhood friends with Malcolm plus Mr. Hudson is Malcolm’s biological older first cousin.

1st: What is Precision X?

Malley: Precision X is an experimental analeptic created by Dr. Nigel Hawkins.

1st: What are Marvelous’ powers?

Malley: Marvelous superpowers are genetically enhanced physical augmentation and energy based abilities. His skin is as tough as Tungsten Steel.

1st: Who is Sgt. Robert Buchanan?

Malley: Sgt. Bob Buchanan is a former Army medic turn police sergeant who has been on the force for 10 years

1st: Who is Kid Marvelous?

Malley: Kid Marv is the identity of his adoptive nephew Iosefa Dominik Garfield.

1st: How does he get his powers?

Malley: During a Swat raid at a chemical plant, he was gunned down by Crimson Mask’s three enforcers before falling into a vat of experimental chemical which was supercharged by a loose wire.

1st: Who is Naomi Brown?

Malley: Naomi Brown is the love interest of Marvelous who works as a nurse in a hospital.

1st: Who is Tequila Garfield?

Malley: Tequila is the older adoptive sister of Marvelous and the single mother of Kid Marv who runs a boutique shop called “Tequila’s Place” and acts as Marv’s personal tailor and weapon designer.

1st: How many issues are planned for They Call Him: Marvelous?

Malley: I’m not sure.

1st: When does the Kickstarter launch?

Malley: February 11, 2022

1st: What rewards do you have planned?

Malley: copies of the first 3 issues of the official series. for the first week of the Kickstarter, only 10 lucky backers who back the early bird special tier will get not just the first issue of the ongoing series plus the previous 3 issue mini-series which act as the unaired pilot for the series. All three variant promo print by Kevin Chapman the creator of Afro Avenger and The Movement, and an exclusive digital wallpaper of Marvelous. Plus an exclusive promo poster for those who pledge $100 or more.

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a digital copy?

Malley: $5.00

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a physical copy?

Malley: $15.00 get you both a physical and digital copy.

1st: What is the URL for the Kickstarter?


1st: What makes They Call Him: Marvelous so cool no true comic fan should miss it?

Malley: The series plays with the Sweet Christmas jive talk of the ’70s and the grittiness of now, but with a traditional superhero element. That’s the concept of They Call Him: Marvelous. Basically, this series Its SHAFT is to BLACK DYNAMITE as LUKE CAGE is to MARVELOUS!

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