Magical History Tour #12: The Samurai

Magical History Tour #12: The Samurai

By Fabrice Erre & Sylvain Savoia

-On-sale This Week!-

Who hasn’t heard of the samurai? These Japanese warriors who served under the orders of the shogun and lived by their strict code of honor, bushido, have made a name for themselves worldwide. In Magical History Tour #12: The Samurai (On-sale now), Modern-day kids Annie and Nico go on a magical history tour to find out more about the samurai, an essential group in Japanese society for 700 years. Masters of the sword and men of honor, the samurai are still shrouded in intrigue today. But Annie and Nico will peel back the curtains on the mystery and capably explain the samurai’s origins, way of life, and their eventual decline in this pocket-sized book, perfect for classrooms and libraries!

The MAGICAL HISTORY TOUR series is a fun, educational journey through various different time periods and events as modern day kids Annie and Nico explore various facets of our history and how they affect us today, teaching about these topics in fun, easy-to-follow ways. From The Great Pyramid to The Great Wall of China, each volume presents a new exciting topic for Annie and Nico to explore in a fun-sized format.

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