Maggid Comics Kicks off with Adventure Title Ben Mortara

Publishing company Source Point Press has created a new imprint called Maggid Comics, which highlights Jewish writers and stories from a Jewish perspective. The first title from Maggid is an archaeological adventure series with a mystery twist: Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table. It’s hitting comic retailers’ shelves March 22nd, 2023.

“I’m very proud of our Maggid Comics division and believe it is truly making comics history. And Ben Mortara is the perfect title to introduce this new brand to the world,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Joshua Werner. “It’s full of rich history and nail-biting adventure, something every comics lover wants to read!”


Written by screenwriter and filmmaker Arnon Z. Shorr, with art by Kat Baumann (20 Fists), Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table is packed with action and mystery as Professor Ben Mortara embarks on yet another globe-trotting archaeological adventure! In the first issue, soliciting to stores currently via Diamond Comic Distributors and Lunar Distribution, Ben is presented with a career-defining opportunity to solve the mystery of the Map of Solomon – a magical map that reveals the location of a powerful treasure. Ben is accompanied by Salman, his mysterious benefactor’s trusty and resourceful assistant. Together, they explore ancient places and secret chambers in search of the map, staying one step ahead of the many forces that seek the treasure (and its power) for themselves.

“I love telling stories that draw from the richness of Jewish folkore, history and tradition,” says Shorr, whose previous comics and film work features everything from golems to Jewish pirates. “As a character, Ben Mortara does what I do – he digs up amazing treasures from our past in order to share them with the world. Unlike me, he gets to have action-packed adventures in the process.”

Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table is available to pre-order now at any comic book shop or at and releases March 22nd, 2023.

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