Over the Ropes #2
Writer: Jay Sandlin
Artist: Antonello Cosentino
Cover Artist: Antonello Cosentino
Fresh off his unexpected victory over Ramblin’ Rick Radison, Jason now has a major bounty on his head. And Jessie Presley, the sumo wrestling, Elvis impersonator, is known nationwide for collecting as many bounties as he can. Will Jason rise like a Phoenix or will Jessie leave him all shook up?


RV9 #3
Writer: Ben Goldsmith
Artist: Travis Mercer
Cover Artists: Nicolas Salamanca, Mauricio Villarreal
With all of the pieces in order, Jasper and Velveteen infiltrate the Order’s compound to rescue Cain and rid the world of the menace known as Volta. Tragedy comes to Rome in an issue that’s sure to leave you breathless.


Wolvenheart #4
Writer:: Mark London
Artist: Alejandro Giraldo
Cover Artist: Alejandro Giraldo
Sterling and Sabina make their way to Spain in search of Sterling’s brother, Bengal, who’s in possession of the only dimension key remaining. Meanwhile, the traitor who caused the fall of Wolvenheart is revealed as Queen Victoria finally gets the gift she’s been promised…

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