Mad Cave 2019 Talent Search Winner Hits Shops September 9th!

Aug. 20, 2020, (COTTAGE GROVE, OR) — Throwback to the 80’s! This September, Dry Foot #1 written by Jarred Lujan with art by Orlando Caicedo, colors by Warnia Sahadewa, and letters by Justin Birch, is coming—and Mad Cave Studios can’t wait for you to read the radical 2019 talent search winning title!

Diego Gomez is tired of the drugs and violence that surround him. He wants nothing more than to escape west and leave the neon lights of 1980s Miami behind him. With the help of three friends, Diego hatches a plan to rob the most dangerous gang in the city, Los Marielitos. Filled with Latin-American influences, Dry Foot is a coming-of age-tale that deals with family, friendship, trust, and adversity. Many would kill to live in the Magic City. Others would die to leave it behind.

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