Lovecraft’s Dunwich Gentrified by Developer

“For sale, large single family homes in the beautiful Miskatonic River Valley, just 20 minutes from Aylesbury. Quaint legends abound in this peaceful, historic town.”

This mock real estate listing begins Gary Scott Beatty’s “Welcome to Dunwich,” beginning on Webtoons September 19. The free story is a great jumping-on point for new readers of Beatty’s “Gods of Aazurn” webcomic storyline.

“It’s 2018,” said Beatty. “The developer and his family move to Dunwich, location of the local legend called The Dunwich Horror. The father is happy to find ‘the last undiscovered, backwoods town in Massachusetts’ with real estate he can renovate and resell. One by one the family encounters daemonic horrors.”

Beneath the real estate story, as homeowners are kicked out of Georgians and shacks alike, a variety of eldritch beings eye the newcomers with evil intent.

“The setting is Dunwich, but this story gives me the chance to pull in other Lovecraft characters and ideas,” said Beatty. “I’m working at bringing H.P. style horror into modern times without losing the eeriness of the ancient.”

Illustrations are from guest artist Mark Bloodworth, who drew “Deadworld: The Last Siesta” for IDW and “Clive Barker’s Hellraiser” for Marvel Comics.

Beatty thinks the Webtoons webcomic format is the one to watch. “The vertical swipe format is so easy and intuitive. It works equally as well on desktop computers and phones. I just love reading comics this way.”

Dunwich: quaint or perilous? The family will find out Wednesday in the new chapter story at “Gods of Aazurn,” titled “Welcome to Dunwich.” Readers can easily get there from

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