Love University #1 (Evoluzione Publishing) Review

I did not have high hopes for Love University when I started reading the first issue of this new series as it seemed to suffer from the classic comics mistake of portraying its main character, who is drop-dead gorgeous and drawn that way, as a social outcast who has no friends. It kind of takes you out of the story when they try hard to paint her as a nerd who has two friends and who no one really cares about outside of a small circle of friends and family.

Thankfully around halfway through the issue the story really starts to kick in and I found myself rather surprising taken into this world of (SPOILERS) a magical university for cupids. No one was more surprised than me when I found myself really involved in the character and their story and by the time the issue was over, I was looking to see if I had the second issue available to read.

Sometimes it is nice to review a comic without having any real idea of what it is, you get to be pleasantly surprised with every turn of the page. Creator/Writer Allison Chaney Whitemore does a good job introducing the world in which see only really gets to explore for the second half of the issue. There are some story beats laid out which can be explored in future issues, I am not sure how much into the fantasy realm she plans to dive but the groundwork is there for some truly interesting tales.

The artwork by Carola Borelli is smooth and pleasant to look at, she captures a lot of emotion with the way she draws her characters and really does a great job from start to finish. She is aided by the complimentary colors provided by Agnese Pozza who brings bright colors to the book that helps the artwork pop without overwelming the artwork.

About the only thing about the comic I can complain about is that I have no idea how you can get a copy for yourself. The comic was funded on Kickstarter but that is now closed. Following the publishers URL leads to their Facebook page but there is no info about ordering or a company store there either. All I can tell you is to keep an eye on Kickstarter, the third issue campaign should be going live there soon and there may be a combo bundle pledge you can do to get all the issues.

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