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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 63
America Chavez: Made In The USA # 2
Avengers # 44
Batman # 107
Conan The Barberian # 20
Crime Syndicate # 2
Firepower # 10
Geiger # 1
Immortal Hulk # 45
Nocterra # 2
The Silver Coin # 1
Suicide Squad # 2

Amazing Spider-Man # 63– Nick Spencer really knows how to bring in an audience and since his run on ASM, he’s done just that, especially with this issue as the Tombstone/Robbie Robertson beef from 1988 gets reignited due to the relationship between Robbie’s son Randy and Tombstone’s daughter Janice Lincoln (aka The Beetle) coming to light and the interesting thing about that is how that element pretty much takes up the entire issue, making it a CW show (Which may or may not be a good thing) but I’m hoping this plot thread goes somewhere exciting and give it a purpose instead of treating it like filler material.

Batman # 107– This issue is a fantastic read. From Batman tracking down The Scarecrow to Harley Quinn in action, I really enjoyed how James Tynion juggled so many plots in one issue and Jorge Jimenez’s artwork really brings out the dark and moody factors which help in bringing Tynion’s script to life; The Ghost-Maker backup feature is a fun read as it’s like a Batman story but with a weird and delightful tone which in turn gives the story its charm so you’ll definitely get a blast reading Ghost-Maker’s solo story; Batman continues to be a huge hit and with an issue like this, the surprises will keep on coming.

Geiger # 1– Geoff Johns and Gary Frank unite once again for their very first independent series on Image and the results are just mind-blowingly excellent; The series is set years after a nuclear war has ravaged the world so the premise comes off as being very creative but also has bits and pieces of “Mad Max” weaved in with some superhero factors but with that, the series Is off to a great start and an amazing jump-on point for anyone interested in reading an indy comic.

The Silver Coin # 1– This series is in the same vein as “HAHA” as it’s another horror anthology that’s “Tales From The Crypt” meets “The Twilight Zone” with some “Creepshow” elements mixed in for good pleasure, and I have to say that this series is just sensational; The first issue kicks off with a musician who wants to bring fame and fortune to his band but is stick having to deal with the onslaught of disco (The story takes place in 1978); his luck turns around when he finds a silver coin that helps him play better but at the same time, comes with a price (**NO SPOILERS**); From the very innovative mind of Chip Zdarsky, this anthology will definitely get people invested in picking up this series and with Michael Walsh’s art being another selling point as well as future stories by Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson and Jeff Lemire waiting in the wings, Silver Coin is on its way to being the absolute anthology series for a new audience of horror fans.

Suicide Squad # 2– I’m really loving the new direction of this new Suicide Squad series; Seeing Peacemaker as the new leader has really breathed new life into the team and the series itself and I thought that the inner struggle that Superboy was facing is indeed a nice wrinkle to this story and even though he might feel out of place in this team, it’s always a joy to have Kon-El’s presence bless any DC title. Suicide Squad may have benched some of the familiar players (Harley Quinn and Deadshot) in favor of something new and fresh, this new era for the Squad is a guaranteed hit that will amaze any DC fan.

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