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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Avengers # 64
Batman # 131
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty # 8
Fantastic Four # 3
Joe Fixit # 1
Scarlet Witch # 1
Spider-Man # 4
Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven # 5

Batman # 131– In the aftermath of the “Failsafe” arc, Bruce Wayne suddenly finds himself in an alternate version of Gotham that madness is the norm, Harvey Dent is a brutal version of Bane…..and no Batman since that earth’s Bruce Wayne Is dead! For the most part, it looks like DC is taking a page out of Marvel’s book by exploring the Multiverse for this new arc by bringing some new aspects to it such as exploring the dystopian elements of this Gotham City that feel very outlandish while giving off an “Outer Limits” feel to it that really brings a fresh perspective to this issue; While the conclusion of “Failsafe” was without a doubt shocking and dark, exploring a Gotham without a Batman feels too much like “Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne”, I have faith that Chip Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne will continue this new approach for Batman that will challenge in ways that weren’t even possible.

Fantastic Four # 3– The Human Torch takes center stage as this issue of the newest volume of the FF wraps up the lone character arcs. Right away, Johnny Storm gets a secret identity (A complete shock if I may say so), a job at an electronics store, and at the same time, having to deal with the resident villain, who’s also the CEO (Turns out The Torch stopped him years ago when he was a hired hand for The Maggia); The whole super-hero getting a regular job while maintaining an identity feels very much like a sitcom but I like Johnny settles into his new life but still manages to do the right thing when it comes to being a hero. The story itself is very upbeat and something that no one hasn’t seen in a FF story; It’s got charm and heart that works on every angle but while the next issue will feature the return of the foursome, this latest FF issue is entertaining in that gives us a new but short beginning for The Torch that really puts the character in a new light.

Joe Fixit # 1– I’ve made it no secret that Peter David’s iconic run on “The Incredible Hulk” is one of the most innovative and enjoyable runs ever and since he’s revisited The Maestro, he returns to another beloved creation- Joe Fixit, the Las Vegas enforcer that The Hulk portrayed during the time period where everyone thought he was dead. I really love the addition of Spider-Man and The Kingpin as the former serves as the narrator that brings a lighthearted perspective to this series which I found to be quite pleasant plus the fact that Spidey is the series’ comic foil is perfect for PAD’s writing; This series sets up an inevitable showdown with The Kingpin that is sure to be explosive. A series like this that takes nostalgia and gives us something new is turning out to be a winning formula for Marvel and with Peter David writing another Hulk series, this is sure to be a bonafide winner.

Scarlet Witch # 1– Wanda Maximoff gets her own series that finds her going solo and I have to say, it’s really good! She’s got a fresh start and using her powers for good, Steve Orlando does a good job when it comes to giving Wanda such a strong voice that shows her confidence all while reminding the readers that she isn’t the woman that caused total havoc during “Avengers: Disassembled”‘ Sara Pichelli once again delivers in the art as it is breathtaking and compliments Orlando’s writing with sheer perfection and the fact that we get the comic book debut of Darcy Lewis is a perfect way to expand Wanda’s supporting cast (Even though Quicksilver makes an appearance); The supernatural and the superhero factor mesh well together and in my honest opinion, this is a Wanda Maximoff that fans have been waiting on and the creative team delivered that in space but with a touch of flair. Who needs the MCU version when the comic book version is soaring to new heights.

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